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I like to cook.  I really do.  I like knowing that the food we are eating is healthy and economical.  I have a HUGE notebook that is overflowing with recipes that we have tried, recipes we love and recipes that I'd like to try.


It is OVERWHELMING!  I can't find what I need and it's driving me crazy!  I often have a recipe in mind and can't put my hands on it.  Not a good combination. Especially when I'm in a hurry & HUNGRY! 

Solution: notebooks that hold our favorite recipes and are organized!!!


These recipe notebooks are keeping me sane. 

One holds my low-fat low-glycemic carb type meals(E) and the other has the healthy fat meals(S). Everything I need in one place all in the same format. 

Almost 2 years ago, I made a diet change and now follow the Trim Healthy Mama plan.  I refer to my THM book for the recipes that I love from the THM plan but there are MANY recipes that we've tried and LOVED from the internet and Pinterest.

I've begun to copy and pasting the recipes from some of my favorite blogs & from my purple overflowing notebook into a format that is VERY easy to read.  My notebooks are the 5.5 inch x 8.5 inch size.  I LOVE this size.  It's very cute and they don't take up much space on my counter.  I like how they fit next to my THM book which I cut the spine off of and had spiral bound at Staples so it could lay flat.


Recipe Notebook

design credit: Persnickity Prints

design credit: Persnickity Prints

Step 1.  Get 2 cute, sturdy binders.  I found mine at Staples.  I'm sure there are cheaper ones out there but I wanted mine to last a long time!  

Step 2   Get plastic page protectors.  I got a pack of 50.  That way you can wipe off the splashes and drips.

Step 3   Get some stick on tabs(pictured below).  You can try the section dividers but the ones I found didn't stick out beyond the edge of the page protectors.  :(  This was a good solution.

Step 4   Start formatting your recipes that you want to include!  To make this easy I made a template in Word. 

This template would be useful for any recipe collection that needs to be cleaned up and put in to easy-to-read format.  I type up new recipes as we make them !  It takes a HUGE project and breaks it in to manageable pieces.  Keeps me from getting overwhelmed.  That is ALWAYS good!

In the near future, I'm want to make these available for other THMer's.  I'm working on making that happen! Follow me on Facebook to get the latest updates! 

Was this helpful?  Will you make your own Recipe notebook?