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10 garden chores I should have done last fall

GardenKim Brush2 Comments

Every time I drive in and out of my drive way I look at all the leaves covering the grass.   I feel both frustration and anticipation as I think about being ready to plant my garden in the spring.

I can’t WAIT to get outside this spring! AND Oh there is so much to do out there!  

Spring work anticipation

My mother-in-law always says she hates spring.  I've never agreed with her but I can understand her perspective this year.  There’s just too much to do and its easy to feel overwhelmed. 

How starting a new craft project can beat the winter blahs

Rag RugKim Brush6 Comments

The gray sky is getting to me a bit.  We’ve been sick and I’m SICK of indoors.  I am craving my garden therapy.  

I’d even mow the grass if it was green.

But it is February and we are slogging on with catching up on school so there can be more time outside in April, May and June.  

March brings us the promise of spring with slightly warmer temperatures but we can still have a lot of snow happen here in mid Missouri.

Counting it ALL Joy even when things are ugly

Kim Brush16 Comments

On Valentine's Day, I didn’t want to do ANYTHING.  Except sip tea and be lazy.

After spending more time than I'm used to in the car Friday and Saturday, I was stiff and sore and didn’t feel like I could move.  Plus hubby was really sick--on V-day, it never fails to happen. 

I knew this was the recipe for for a pity party and general BAD mood. 

What to do when you are WAY behind in your homeschool

HomeschoolKim Brush10 Comments

February.  One of those LONG months of being inside and doing school.  

I don’t like February.  Or January for that matter.  But this year I’m looking at the calendar and feeling seriously overwhelmed and guilty.

School has been on the back burner since surgery in December

"You are TOO far behind.  The habits they are developing will ruin them.  You will be doing this years school next year."