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Gardening without work: How to get rid of weeds

GardenKim Brush7 Comments

The excitement of spring and planting the seeds and seedlings is over. We are in the long haul of August and the summer garden. I won’t kid you. It’s NOT easy to do a garden in the late summer.

It’s hot. The bugs seem to be winning. The weeds have not given up the war. But I am winning against the weeds in the garden!

Seeing the produce on the plants in the garden keeps my motivation going for just a little longer.

What we have learned in 3 years about how to grow raspberries

GardenKim Brush11 Comments

I've always wanted a berry patch.  Strawberries aren't too bad to purchase but others can cost an arm and a leg!  We've had vegetables gardens and flower gardens but never a berry patch.  In our current home we've had the fun adventure of creating a patch that has given us good return!  Not quite where we don't need to buy any berries but that is my ultimate goal!  We are 3 years in to this adventures and I want to share our tips for growing raspberries learned from our good and bad experiences.

My garden was a failure this year

GardenKim Brush2 Comments

This year I had major physical challenges and planning problems to overcome and looking back I can see several reasons why my garden was a failure this year. 

I think it is super important to evaluate what went right and what didn’t work each year.  I want to record the problems and what I will do differently in the future.