Day to Day Adventures

Garden's are AMAZING

I often say "Garden Therapy" keeps me sane!  There are so many different ways to garden and I dabble in all of them.  Check out these awesome pages to get to the type of "garden adventure" you want to know more about!  Drop me a note in the comments on any post that is helpful!

Traditional Gardening

This type of garden is in my heritage.  My grandmother never heard of square foot gardening.  Many of the things I do are "traditional" but in the last couple of years we've been applying Ruth Stout's method of applying deep mulch to the garden and NOT tilling. 

Garden adventures are never simple but they can yield awesome results! 

Square Foot Gardens

Do you like the planned contained method of square foot gardening?  Me too!  It's a joy to keep the weeds at bay and garden in a smaller type space!

We also put our strawberries in square foot gardens and that has worked amazingly well!

Flower Gardens

Nothing gives me greater joy than the flowers growing in my unruly beds and pots.  They are gifts from God that make me smile.

Learn how I am a lazy gardener who LOVES perennials and wild flowers that need little care from me!