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Strawberry picking season!

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It’s almost June!  We survived graduation of our third child last weekend and I’m still trying to figure out if it is an ending or a beginning.  Transitions are such a challenge but I am pretty sure what is around the corner is AWESOME!!

After sharing tons of strawberry plants a few weeks ago I am happy to say that the remaining plants are rewarding us despite the neglect that we gave them last fall.  My plants are loaded and we are happily going out to pick each day!  

It's strawberry picking weather!  Red ripe berries ready to freeze!  -

My granddaughter “helped” us over the weekend—isn’t she adorable!  But we did pick enough on Sunday and Monday to freeze a couple of batches.

How to store berries(or any produce) for longer!

It's strawberry picking season!  Red ripe berries ready to freeze!  -

1.  Pick berries when they are bright red, ripe but not mushy

2.  Wash berries in a vinegar solution to kill any bacteria. (a sink full of water to 1 cup vinegar)  By doing this you kill off any bacteria or molds on the fruit.  If you put the produce in the refrigerator after doing this, your food will last weeks longer than if you had not washed it.

3. Drain water after 10 minute soak

4.  Dry berries on a towel

Now you have a few options.


  • Cut up berries and put on parchment paper on a cutting board or cookie sheet
  • Freeze and then transfer to plastic freezer bags

Store in the refrigerator

Eat fresh

On ice cream would be my vote

I will be freezing most of ours because we eat a TON of frozen berries through the winter.  I'm not sure we have enough to last the whole year but that would be so wonderful if we do!



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