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5 BEST things about summer // Life is Lovely #11

Kim Brush7 Comments

Summer weather is finally here!  How do I know?  Well I haven’t had to slip on a hoodie for a week or two.  Missouri weather can be rather bipolar but once it hits 80 and stays there I am SO happy!

We’ve been enjoying the weather so I thought I would share some of my favorite summer things.  This is what makes summer to me.

5 Tools to encourage summer learning

HomeschoolKim Brush2 Comments

We are SO close to being finished with school for the year.  Math is finished up and that means extra time for science and history and writing.  I'm super excited for some time off.  Seriously summer vacation is for mom's and teachers too!

Summer Learning

However we don't abandon all learning for 3 months.  Here are several ways that we work learning into our vacation time.  All without being structured or super planned out.

Strawberry picking season!

GardenKim Brush5 Comments

It’s almost June!  We survived graduation of our third child last weekend and I’m still trying to figure out if it is an ending or a beginning.  Transitions are such a challenge but I am pretty sure what is around the corner is AWESOME!!

After sharing tons of strawberry plants a few weeks ago I am happy to say that the remaining plants are rewarding us despite the neglect that we gave them last fall.  My plants are loaded and we are happily going out to pick each day!  

Homeschool endings are really beginnings

HomeschoolKim Brush6 Comments

6 years ago we graduated our first from our homeschool. It was so challenging.  I learned more about myself in those years than any other in my life.

So the though of him not being part of our daily life was heart breaking for me.  He was headed across town to college in the fall.  I seriously felt like my world was ending and it just would never be the same.