Day to Day Adventures

A Tiny Christmas Memory Tree

2017Kim Brush5 Comments

Christmas decorating stresses me out. There I said it.  NOT my favorite activity at all and the experience just never goes as I anticipate it will. Especially now as my kids are leaving the nest, just picking a day to do our decorations is chaotic.  Seriously we are having discussions, talking dates and even times to get as many kids home for that time. 

Being the mom of teens and twenties is not easy. FUN, wild, crazy YES but not easy!

Five AWESOME experts on Pinterest

Kim Brush2 Comments

We all need experts. When our dog is sick we need a veterinarian. When the roof is leaking we need a carpenter. When you want your hair permed you want someone who knows what they are doing. Finding the right expert is SO important. We don’t want to be steered wrong. So how to do we find an awesome expert to guide us and help us fix our problems?

When I say go look it up to my kids now it doesn’t mean the go to the encyclopedia or even a library anymore. It means YouTube and Pinterest! Trust me, we use those resources pretty much weekly(if not daily) around here. We’ve learned that we have to be choosy because not everyone knows what they are talking about on the ‘net!

Being Thankful in the midst of Imperfection

2017Kim Brush4 Comments

We host a small group gathering at our home every Sunday night.  Our church calls them community groups and we study a topic or discuss the sermon but mainly we gather around our table and share a meal.  Last night I learned a lesson from one of the men who attends.  He helped me to be thankful in the middle of our home’s imperfection.

Sugar-free Raspberry coffee cake with Zingy Raspberry Sauce

2017Kim Brush15 Comments

RASPBERRIES! Don’t you love them? And DESSERT? Gotta love it too!  Please run and make this raspberry dessert recipe with a super yummy sauce that just zings in your mouth!

Do you know what my biggest problem with raspberries is? Buying them. They are so very expensive! We have solved that problem by growing them ourselves.  Just a few plants can give you an abundant harvest!  Here's what I picked today (after not picking for several days) and what we have in the freezer! Crazy but I love it!!!