Day to Day Adventures

All Purpose Homemade Seasoning Mix + 2 EASY meals

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Several Christmas’s ago a friend gifted me with a homemade seasoning mix and we LOVED how it tasted. Once it was gone I started searching for a recipe to make my how spice mix and we’ve tried a bunch! This mix is the basis for what I call my lazy meal but it never fails to please when I make it—even once a week.

How to make a Four Season Button Tree Canvas

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Did your mom or grandma have a button box or tin? I inherited mine from my mom. There are some old, old buttons in there and I love to look at them and wonder why mom had them. Today I have a use for all those old buttons for you! A button tree on canvas is a great all-season decoration for your home and it’s a fun craft for all ages!

Tutorial to make a DIY Growth Chart

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One of my favorite projects to make using my cutting machine is a growth chart! Did your parents or grandparents mark your height on the door frame? Growth charts are the modern equivalent and are perfect for families that don’t plan to live in one house forever!