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4 self-care areas for MOMs that make families healthier and happier

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Valentine’s Day has come and gone. The official Hallmark day of romance and love is often one that is pointed outward. We show our loved ones how much we care by sending cards, giving gifts and flowers. There is nothing wrong with that! But it got me thinking about the ways that I care for myself and how it benefits my family. Have you ever considered how you caring for yourself benefits your family?  It was a paradigm shift for me!

Encouraging Hearts and Home 2.8.18

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Has life been moving at light speed for you?  Me too!!! And I don't know when it is going to stop.  I've been focusing on the margin in my days lately.  There are so many things I want to do but the urgent keeps me from getting it all done.  When I have 5 minutes to myself I like to put on a cup of tea and sit down to read.  Books, blog posts, and all the awesome articles shared here! 

Encouraging Hearts and Home 2.1.18

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Welcome to the Encouraging Hearts & Home Blog Hop

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Encouraging Hearts at Home Blog Hop

Thursday Thoughts

It’s FEBRUARY!!! Can’t you just feel that spring is just a little bit closer? Winter weather has been dragging me down. The gray days are such a challenge! But I can feel the days getting longer and it makes my heart so happy! Soon we can plant seeds and shed the winter blankets and jackets!

How to make Valentine's jar

Valentine’s day is coming up soon and I can’t wait to get out my chalkboard painted Mason candy jars!!! The chocolate is mainly for my guys because I don’t eat much sugar but they are so cheerful and pretty! 

February is a great time to work on projects.  Also, I’m finishing up some crochet, sewing and painting projects so that when it is time to be outside there won’t be any guilt over leaving behind my winter projects!

Reading is the other big activity I try to do more in January and February.  There's just something super cozy about a book on a winter night.  Although I admit it's not as cozy with my iPad as it used to be with a physical book.  Where do you fall on the debate between physical book vs. electronic books? I admit I love my iPad!  Now on to another kind of reading!

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