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8 Fairy Garden Ideas and Inspiration

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This time last year I happened to walk through Michael’s searching for yarn. I do that in most craft stores but that is a whole different kind of post! On the clearance rack I saw some sweet little fairy houses for 60% off. I kept walking but I also kept thinking about those little houses because I had a few spots in my flower beds that I thought would be perfect for a fairy garden! So I went back and got a few houses and little fairy people. This year I’ve put them out in my one of the perennial flower gardens and now I’m on the hunt for more fairy garden inspiration and ideas. Enjoy my research and if you have any fun ideas please share them in the comments.

8 Fairy Garden Ideas and Inspiration

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Fairy Garden Locations

In my mind I thought my fairy garden would be tucked in among my plants but after searching more I realized that there are ton of ways to set up a fairy house. Pots, planters even inside the house in a little corner of a room works!

Tablescapes Who says that fairy gardens need to be outside?

Fairy Gardens in a flower pots can be placed anywhere!

Teacup Fairy Gardens Do you want a fairy garden in your bedroom? I think this is the perfect way to do it! Use real flowers and plants or silk ones that you won’t need to water! Add a gnome or figure you love and it’s done!

Fairy Gardens from Recycled Materials

My little houses are going to be just the beginning because the more ideas I find the more I love the idea of using natural products like rocks, sticks even broken clay pots to create this space in my gardens. The wilder and more unusual the better!

Mushrooms for Your Fairy Garden Your garden won’t be complete with out a mushroom or two and these made out of old salt and pepper shakers are adorable!

Scrap wood Fairy Home You can make your own with a little paint and creativity!

Broken Post Fairy home You are going to love this one because you can use scrap wood and a useless pot to create something fun!

Fairy Gardens for Kids

What better way to get kids involved in gardening and working in the dirt than to let them play with the “houses” and people. They can get creative and arrange the fairy garden anyway they come up with! I’m excited to include my granddaughter in my gardening as she gets older. We already go out and check on all the plants when she comes. Fairy gardens for kids are perfect!

Bambi Fairy Garden Who loves the Disney movies from long ago? I still show them to my granddaughter and we enjoy them together. This post shares how to make a natural looking playscape using Bambi and all his friends!

Tinkerbell Fairy Garden This Fairy Garden could be for kids or grownups. My sister loves Tinkerbell and I could see her having this on her desk at work!

So much inspiration here that I can’t wait to brainstorm my next fairy garden! I want to know if you have a fairy garden or if you want to build one now! So be sure to comment below!

8 Fairy Garden Ideas and Inspiration for creating your own DIY fairy garden! #fairygardenideas #fairygardendiy

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