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DIY Bless You Mason Jar Tissue Dispenser

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I have a confession to make. Mason jars are my addiction. I can't NOT buy them at a garage sale. My daughter says that I have "jar" a problem. She's probably right.  Last summer I started up-cycling some of my "extra" jars (Translate: I had run out of space and needed to share some of the love with friends) into Bless You jar tissue dispensers!

How to paint mason jars so they don't chip

My big frustration was that glass is HARD to spray paint! I kept having the paint chip off after the painting and there really wasn't a fix so the jar was ruined. 

BOO! So I've been doing some research and experiments on how to paint glass in a way that minimizes the chipping. This is the method that I now use.  It takes a little longer but is giving me much better results!


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How to paint mason jars so they don't chip

Supplies needed for Mason Jar tissue holder

1.  Clean your jars.  I just wiped mine clean but you could wipe them with alcohol.

How to paint mason jars so they don't chip
How to paint mason jars so they don't chip

2.  Use the foam brush to "paint" a layer of Polycrylic on the jar.  Let it dry 30 minutes.

3.  Paint your jars.  IMPORTANT!!! If using spray paint, be sure to shake your can REALLY well and hold the can 10-12 inches away from the jar so you don't get too heavy of a coat which might make it drip.  2-3 LIGHT coats will prevent the paint from running or dripping on your jar.


If you want to use chalk paint, then use the spouncer or sponge to avoid the brush marks in your paint. 2-3 light coats works best.

I prefer the spray paint because it goes a lot faster! I also like the finish of the spray paint as well but chalk paint looks great too! Let the paint completely dry.


4.  Use the foam brush to "paint" a layer of Polycrylic to seal the paint on the jar.  Let it dry until the paint is not tacky.

5.  Preheat your oven to the lowest heat(about 170 degrees Fahrenheit) and then bake your jars for 20 minutes.

I've tried bumping the jars together after this process and NO CHIPS! yay!

Instructions to make Bless You jar tissue dispenser

6.  To finish the project: Design and cut the vinyl words "Bless You." I used a Silhouette Cameo machine(you could use a Cricut as well) and Oracal 651 vinyl in the Samantha Font.

Don't have a cutting machine available? Purchase the Bless You decals for $5!!!

Bless You Jar Decals $5

7.  Apply the decal to your jar using Transfer Tape.

8.  Cut a 2.5 inch circle of felt and then cut an X in the center of the circle. Using a glue gun attach the felt circle to a metal lid.

9.  Fill your jar with Kleenex (Kleenex Perfect Fit Tissues work great for this) while holding out the center tissue.  Pull the tissue through the cut in the felt and screw on the lid.

Want to see the whole Mason Jar painting process?  Watch the following video!

These cute jars make wonderful gifts for teachers, friends and many more! Be sure you pin this post so you can come back to it later!

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How to paint mason jars so they don't chip

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