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How to make a Four Season Button Tree Canvas

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Did your mom or grandma have a button box or tin? I inherited mine from my mom. There are some old, old buttons in there and I love to look at them and wonder why mom had them. Today I have a use for all those old buttons for you! A button tree on canvas is a great all-season decoration for your home and it’s a fun craft for all ages!

How to make a Four Season Button Tree #buttoncrafts #canvaspainting

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Buttons are such a ordinary item. We use them everyday and never realize how amazing they are and not just for keeping our clothes on! I never knew that there were so many cool button crafts! Check out this Button Craft pinterest board that has MANY more beautiful ideas for making button arts and crafts. But first let’s make a Four Season Button Tree!

How to make a Four Season Button Tree #buttoncrafts #canvaspainting

Materials needed to make a button tree craft

BUTTONS - old or new whatever works for ya!

4 Stretched Canvases of any size - mine were 10 inch squares

Spray paint - I used light and dark green, yellow, orange, light and dark blue, purple and pink all in a semi gloss sheen

Cricut or Silhouette machine (not needed if you can draw a tree)

Contact paper - I get mine at the Dollar Tree or Transfer Tape or Press 'N Seal

Brown acrylic paint

Thin paint brush

Gorilla glue or hot glue

Button tree craft instructions

1. Unwrap canvas from plastic.

2. Lay out on a drop cloth or do your painting outside in the grass.

3. Paint the canvases with a light coat of spray paint in each of your “light” colors. You will end up with 1 light blue, 1 yellow, 1 pink and 1 light green canvas. Allow to dry. It won’t take long!

How to make a Four Season Button Tree #buttoncrafts #canvaspainting

4. Spray each canvas very lightly with the appropriate darker colors. (Light blue + dark blue. Yellow + orange. Pink + purple. Light green + dark green. Do another light coat of the darker color over one half of the canvas and then another coat on one corner(on the darker half) so you end up with one corner that has 3 coats of the darker color paint. Of course you can paint it more but this is a good starting technique. Allow to dry. Should look somewhat like the photo above on the far right.

How to make a Four Season Button Tree #buttoncrafts #canvaspainting

5. Use a pencil to draw your tree across all the canvases or if you are tree drawing challenged like me and you own a Silhouette or Cricut just click this link to get the FREE SVG (and see all the other freebies I have available for my favorite peeps who get my newsletter and whom I love on a little bit extra every week). You can use the SVG to cut out a template using card stock or contact paper or just as a basic guide for drawing your tree..

Then use transfer tape, contact paper or press ‘n seal to “pickup” your contact paper template and place it on the canvas. Press it to the canvas & remove the “transfer” material you choose. Be patient with this step—it can be tricky. If you use card stock just lay it across your canvases and hold it down with your hand. Then draw your tree on with a pencil.

How to make a Four Season Button Tree #buttoncrafts #canvaspainting

6. Use your brown paint to fill in the tree. Use a tiny brush or these handy screw on tips for your paint bottle(I got them at Michael’s). It doesn’t take much paint at all! Allow the tree to completely dry.

How to make a Four Season Button Tree #buttoncrafts #canvaspainting

7. Sort your buttons into colors for each season. Also sort out smaller white buttons.

How to make a Four Season Button Tree #buttoncrafts #canvaspainting

8. After the canvases are dry then lay the buttons on the canvases to see what colors look good with the seasonal colors that you painted.

How to make a Four Season Button Tree #buttoncrafts #canvaspainting

9. Begin to arrange the buttons where you like them. Walk away. Come back and look again from far away. Rearrange the buttons 100x. Walk away again. Repeat as many times as you need. I added small white buttons to the ends of the colored areas too!

How to make a Four Season Button Tree #buttoncrafts #canvaspainting

10. Use glue to attach the buttons to the canvases and allow to completely dry.

How to make a Four Season Button Tree #buttoncrafts #canvaspainting

11. I found hanging the canvases was the trickiest part! Use a level and mark two spots on the wall for each canvas. Two nails keeps the canvas level!

How to make a Four Season Button Tree #buttoncrafts #canvaspainting

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