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Rag Rug Video Course

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Rag Rug Video Course -

A year and a half ago I started to dream BIG. People liked the idea of making rag rugs. TONS of people visit Day to Day Adventures daily to see how it is done! But my dream was to get as many people started with rug making as possible. I wanted to provide the tools that a beginner rug maker needs to get started.  It started small with an eBook and now has developed into a Rag Rug Video Course!

Tools for making a Rag Rug

The eBook

A year ago I completed the Rags to Rugs eBook. Chock full of written directions, color pictures and the formula for getting the right size of oval rug. Best of all it is VERY affordable for everyone. Just $5 for 39 pages of step by step instructions.

But my dream just kept growing bigger. I knew that SEEING a rug be put together is the BEST way to help others start and create their own rugs. Guessing where the needle goes or how to increase the size of your rug is a bit mysterious when you are starting out. So my next goal was to make the process of learning to make unique beautiful rag rugs as clear and easy to understand as possible.

Rag Rug Video Course

What’s included

8 step-by-step videos that will aid you in making your own unique oval rag rug! 

At $16 that is just $2 per video! Still very affordable.  Plus you get a FREE 2 page tip sheet!

How to get the videos?

Just click the graphic above or go to the Rag Rug Video Course checkout.  Unless you think you might want the eBook or wooden needles as well, then you should go to the Rag Rug Resources page.

NOTE:  The tip sheet will be immediately available for download after you make your purchase (it's on the digital receipt). The link to the videos and the password to access the page will be EMAILED to you. Also, the tips sheet will be attached to the email.

The Needle

Having the Rag Rug eBook or video course is going to help you get going on your beautiful handmade rug. It will be useful and brighten your home! BUT you are probably still missing one thing.

To make a rag rug using the Amish Knot method which is taught in both the videos and eBook, you MUST have a needle with a large eye. In the past, creative DIYers have drilled a hole in a toothbrush to fashion a needle so sometimes these rugs are called toothbrush rugs.

I'm SO SO SO super excited to make these needles available!!! My husband and I work together to make these. Each one is unique and handmade. Because they are so necessary to rug-making, we've tried to keep the costs low but because it is a physical product that is challenging. Our needles cost $8 plus $2 shipping.  (Unless you buy multiples and then the shipping is less!)

If you purchase more than one product then you can get at least 25% off a needle!!!

Check out the packages on the main Rag Rug Resource page for that discount!

Following this dream has taught me amazing thing and challenged me in ways I didn't expect.  Kind of like rug making.  Learning a new skill and doing something you don't know how to do can make your brain hurt!  I hope that the eBook and/or Video Course make learning this new skill SUPER easy for you!

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