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Where to get a wooden needle to make a rag rug

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Having the right tools makes a task so much easier! Like having a sharp needle before you start sewing!  Or the right color paper for a scrapbook page! Who wants to stop crafting to go get more supplies because you ran out? Not me. Recently I needed to replace one of my treasured tools, my wooden rug making needle. Thankfully I found a source "close to home" for getting a new one!  

Where to get a wooden needle to make a rag rug --

The long search for rag rug needles

The needle in the photo below has made several rugs for me but it had developed a nick on one side that kept catching the threads and making it MUCH harder to pull through the loops. Since I bought my needle at a craft show I didn't have a close source for a new one.

Where to get a wooden needle to make a rag rug

I searched online but didn't really find a needle that was the right price or product that I wanted for my new needle. I even checked with the local Amish but they didn't carry them.

After dealing with that annoying nick on my old needle for several months, I asked my sweet husband to make me a new one.  (Actually, I asked him to make a bunch of them but I will get to that in just a minute!)

He agreed to pull out his tools and give it a try.  He's nice that way.  He likes to do woodworking when he has the chance!  Not my skill set so I'm glad to have him available.

Where to get a wooden needle to make a rag rug
Where to get a wooden needle to make a rag rug

He used an oak board and cut it really thin with a table saw.  By using a belt sander, he was able to “sharpen” the rectangle’s corners down to a point and sanded the edges smooth.

Then he turned them over to me.  I just love getting to help on woodworking projects.  I like the sanding and staining part but I had just a little more to do before I started that step! 

Where to get a wooden needle to make a rag rug

I went to my father-in-law for help using his drill press. You can see step 1 and 2 on the needles pictured above.

Step 1  I drilled the “eye” of the needle by putting 3 or 4 holes in one end. 

Step 2  Then I gently moved the needle back and forth to take off the wood that was left between the holes. 

I felt so powerful running the drill after he showed me what to do. I don’t know why I love power tools but I do. Then I sanded it smooth with some finer sandpaper and steel wool.  

Where to get a wooden needle to make a rag rug --

It was time for some stain and then I tested the new needle. 

MUCH better!!  No more snagging threads.

My rag rug dream

Over a year ago I started pursuing a dream. I loved making rag rugs and wanted to share the process with others. The first step of my dream was to put together the Rags to Rugs eBook and learned how to put a digital item up for sale. It was a journey and one that made me pull my hair out at times!

Where to get a wooden needle to make a rag rug --

Many of you bought the eBook. It was so awesome to share what I'd learned about making rugs to others!!! But there was more to this dream!

I knew that it would be SUPER helpful to be able to purchase a wooden needle with the Rags to Rugs eBook so you could get your rug started. NOW, after a year of trial and error, that is a reality.

Wooden Needles for Sale!

I am now set up to sell wooden needles! Each needle is unique and handmade by my hubby and myself.  Measurements:  4-4 1/2 inches long, 1/2 and inch wide and 1/4 inch thick. 

Each needle costs $8 plus $3.50 shipping. Click the button to the right to get yours!

If you want to make rag rugs as my eBook Rags to Rugs describes then these needles are an essential tool!

There's also one more BIG announcement about my big rag rug dream that is coming later this week.  It is even more exciting than making the needles available!  I can't wait to share it with you! 

If you haven't see the Rag Rug Series yet make sure you check out all the posts while you wait for the big announcement!