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Rags to Rugs - How to join fabric without sewing

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Rags to Rugs is an ebook and a series on the Day to Day Adventures blog. If you would like to check out all the posts in the series(or get the ebook) then go to the main Rags to Rugs page to see the other 8 posts. This is #4 in the series so go check out Reasons to Make a Rag Rug plus the next 2 post in the series and then come on back. I'll be here waiting to show you how to join fabric with out sewing for a rag rug.

People are so creative when they are given challenges.  I’ve observed this in my children and friends.  We all search for ways to make things work.  

I know that I NEED a little bit of creativity in my life EVERY single day. 

It refreshes my soul to MAKE something!!! 

Rags to Rugs - How to join fabric without sewing

Some days that may mean putting a new meal on the table or baking cookies for my family.  Other days I need to do a craft project by myself, do a non stress craft with my kids or spend some time scrapbooking.

This week I finally got my new rag rug project started.  I have so many reasons for making rugs but it’s hard carving out time to be creative.

Things like laundry, doing school, or cleaning just take so much time and keep me from creative time. But my word this year is PROGRESS so even if I just do a few stitches each day that is good enough. 

A little progress and feeling refreshed is a very good thing!


  1. To start a rug I need fabric strips and it takes a lot of fabric to make a rug! Luckily I know some secrets to finding cheap fabric. I make strips by ripping the fabric into appropriate widths for the rug.

  2. Decide on size of the rug and make the center or base of the rug. Then its time to start adding strips as the rug gets bigger with each knot.

A handy trick!  How to join fabric together without sewing.  This is essential to know for making rag rugs! -
A handy trick!  How to join fabric together without sewing.  This is essential to know for making rag rugs! -

This is the fun part!  There's a little trick to joining the fabric.  No sewing required!


How to add new strips of fabric without sewing

Did you know that you can join fabric with just two holes?  You can also use it for banners or making rope for other crafts.  It is super easy!  This method is key to rug making.

I'm trying something new this week!  Here is a video SHOWING how to join fabric without sewing!  This was WAY more fun than taking a bazillion pictures and writing out instructions.  (Plus that is exactly what is in the ebook!)

That's it! 

Joining fabric strips is not hard at all but it is essential to making a rug.  I like this method because I don't need a needle or thread and these knots are pretty indestructible once they are part of the rug. 

Want more steps?  Read on my friend! 

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If you purchase the ebook, then you are getting more detailed explanations than the blog posts above but if you want to make rugs for free then just be sure to visit each post! A printed copy means you don't need to be on the internet to follow the directions. 

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Step by Step Instructions to Make a Rag Rug

1.  Reasons to make a rag rug

2.  How much fabric to make a Rag Rug?

3.  How long does will it take to make a Rag Rug?

4.  How to join fabric without sewing. 

5.  Making the base of your rug

6.  Add rows to the base of the rag rug

7.  Finishing a rag rug and basic rug care

8.  How to get a wooden needle?

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Also now available: Rag Rug Video Course and Wooden Needles

Visit the Rag Rug Resource Page get what you need to make your own unique rug!

A handy trick!  How to join fabric together without sewing.  This is essential to know for making rag rugs! -

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