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Rags to Rugs - REASONS to Make a Rag Rug

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Rug making is an old, old art.

Rags to Rugs is an ebook which teaches you how to take fabric(old or new) and create a functional beautiful rug. -

The most amazing rugs are the ones American colonists made from scraps of old clothes, sheets and blankets. 

America was young and everything was used and reused until it fell apart.  Making rugs to warm floors also brought beauty to their homes.

REASONS to Make a Rag Rug

Design Your Own Rug  

Sometimes you want a certain look for a room and the rugs you find at the store are not what you want or they are the wrong color.  Unique rooms are enhanced by specially designed rugs.

Recycle, Use & Reuse  

Fabric can be expensive, especially if you are on a rice and beans budget.  But there are some places you can look for cheap fabric.  Surprisingly I have found fabric on Craig’s List and at garage sales.  Often people decide to make something and then don’t follow through so they sell the fabric when they are tired of storing it.  Another source is to look for old sheets that still have life left in them.  Ask your friends if they have old fabric they don’t want any more!  In this project, I will be using some cute sheets that were found at Goodwill.

Better Quality

Your handmade rug will be a thing of beauty that lasts for a long, long time.  This easy method may give you some family heirlooms to pass down to your family!  You will be amazed at how many compliments you will get on your rugs made from scraps.


The reason is similar to #1 but this reason has more to do with using your talent for combining colors and the desire to create.  It is a great outlet that provides you with something useful and functional as a finished product.  If you love this type of project, you can make gifts and possibly sell your rugs as a business.

Rags to Rugs is an ebook which teaches you how to take fabric(old or new) and create a functional beautiful rug. -

Current Project for me 

I've been working on the prep for a new rug project this month and this has really lit the fire for me to share the process of rug making with my readers.  My project is part winter blah therapy and part decluttering my fabric stash.  Anyone else have that problem? 

I've saved jeans for a long time and now I'm ready to get started on this rug!

Have you ever wanted to make your own rag rug? 

I think many of you have thought about it!  But perhaps you had no idea how to start or what you need to get started.  It is SO simple.  I would like to help make this possible for you.

Rags to Rugs is an ebook which teaches you how to take fabric(old or new) and create a functional beautiful rug. -

I know that eight years ago when I sat with my daughter learning from an older woman at a craft booth I was amazed at how easy it really was to make a rug.  And it's addicting!  Once you get started you just want to put on a few more stitches and then a few more. . . .

I have EXCITING news!!!

The Rags to Rugs eBook is READY!!!  Learning to make rag rugs is EASY & fun! 


Here are some great reasons for getting the eBook

  • you want clear printable instructions
  • color pictures detailing ripping fabric, creating a base, making knots, increasing and decreasing and finishing the rug off
  • creative ideas for locating fabric and finding time to work

Still not convinced?  Would you like a free chapter?

Chapter one includes

  • How much fabric you need
  • Rule for the width of your strips
  • Assembly line cutting
  • And some helpful hints!

Easy way to see if this AWESOME craft is right for you!  Go on try it!

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