Day to Day Adventures

Our family has some definite quirks.  We love each other, Jesus & having fun together.  We used to all live in the same house but as the wee ones have grown they've started having their own adventures.  Like going to college, getting married and having their own wee ones. We still have many adventures together and love spending time playing games, laughing & traveling together.  You will find that if you spend any time with us, we will adopt you.  Welcome to our life.

We would love to hear from you!  Please contact us at kim_brush at daytodayadventures dot com

Steve & I

Celebrating 25 years together!

Michael & Rebekah

My oldest has his own family!  Don't ya love that little sweetie!



Doing college on-line and learning how life is full of surprises



Graduating from high school this year and headed to college in the fall!!!



Quickly out growing his sisters & may end up being the tallest of them all.