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Rags to Rug ebook:  Step by Step Instructions to make your own Rag Rugs -

$10 price includes

*Color photos to show each step of the process. 

*Directions for calculating how big to make your center/base in order to achieve the size rug you desire.

*Written instructions for creating stitches, increasing size, decreasing size, and finishing an oval rag rug.

*Also includes step-by-step instructions on choosing fabric, ripping strips, PLUS tips for getting started and finding time to make your rugs.

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Get busy making your own rug today!

Want to know how to make your own rag rugs?  Well now you can!

There are many reasons to make your own rugs. 


It allows you to merge creativity with the desire to have a higher quality product on your floor. 

Match Decor

By matching your decor colors AND designing the pattern of your rug you can produce a unique, long lasting piece for your home. 

Enduring Quality and Beauty

Handcrafted textiles like rag rugs are incredibly durable and bring the beauty of color and texture to your home. 

Homemaking and adding accents to your home is an art.  You want quality that lasts!  Rugs that I made 6 years ago are featured in the ebook.  I still use these rugs on a daily basis in my home!!!  You will not need to buy new rugs as often because these rugs last a long long time!! 

Rag rugs are easy to wash in the washing machine and then you just lay it flat to dry. They are thick and keep your feet from the hard floor!

Ever wanted to make a Rag Rug?  Use your creativity and design a handmade rug that matches your decor!  Rags to Rugs eBook $15.99 -