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How to make the base for a oval rag rug

2017, Rag RugKim BrushComment

This is the most awkward stage of your rug. Since you don’t know what the process is supposed to look like. I have tried to take clear pictures and really show you what each step looks like.  I am in the process of shooting some videos that will help you even more to SEE how a rag rug goes together. 

Doesn't that sound amazing? 

Would you like access to these videos? 

How much fabric do I need to make a rag rug?

2017, Rag RugKim Brush7 Comments

Rag Rugs are a unique craft to make! When you make one you can take something old(if you use scraps) and make something new! My current project is made from old jeans that my guys out grew or wore out and I love the way it looks! Denim is so durable! There are many reasons you should make a rag rug but the main one but the main one is that they allow a place for creativity and design that a store purchased rug just doesn't give. You can take your creativity and make a unique piece of beauty that will be useful plus may become a family heirloom!