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3 Things you need to make a Rag Rug

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Rag rugs add character and color to a room! 

To start a rag rug you need just 3 things!  -

Beautiful handmade rugs add charm and creativity to a home's decor!  If you buy one at craft show or commission one to be done they can be VERY expensive! 

Did you know that you can take scrap fabric or sheets an make your own rag rug? 

You just need 3 things to make a rag rug

  1. Lots of Fabric (check out my cheap sources)
  2. A toothbrush needle or something similar (amazon has them but they cost more)
  3. Rags to Rugs eBook
Rag Rugs are beautiful and useful!  Learn to make one today from the Rags to Rugs eBook -

You may be thinking--why would I want to start a rug project in the summer? 

3 Reasons to start a rug project NOW

  1. It takes time to start.  Decisions need to be made.  You probably will take a while to decide what color will you make your rug
  2. Materials need to be ready.  Then fabric needs to be gathered and you need to acquire a needle.  Also if you are looking for cheap fabric it will take more time to find than a trip to the fabric store.
  3. Learning the steps.  Reading the eBook will take a bit and then you will need to learn how to join fabric without sewing(video).

By the time you are ready to start, you will be totally prepared to settle in on your rug and work on it all through the fall and winter.

Rags to Rugs for just $10!!!!


Want a sneak peak?  Unsure what you will be getting?

I've got you covered.  Here is a summary page plus you can get Chapter 1 for free!

Making Rag Rugs is an awesome way to utilize your scraps of fabric and make something unique and beautiful at the same time!

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