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10 handcrafted gifts you can make in a few hours

Kim Brush2 Comments

The days are busy. 

School work activities and housework.  That is what life looks like right now.  Some days I wake up already feeling overwhelmed. 

Too many to-dos and not enough energy.  Sometimes I don't know how to turn off my brain.  I want to relax but there are just too many things buzzing around in there.  Reading is my escape. 

Step by Step Instructions to Make Your Own Rag Rugs

Rag RugKim Brush21 Comments

In 2010, I wrote up instructions and took pictures of how I make a rug for a series on Day to Day Adventures.  That series has been extremely popular

So I took all the posts in that series plus some new information and Rags to Rugs was born. 

I've added more details and even filmed a video recently about how to join fabric without sewing.  All of it was a fun new adventure with helping others to create rag rugs.