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10 handcrafted gifts you can make in a few hours

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Need some down time?  Creative juices flowing?  These 10 handcrafted gifts can be made in an after noon!  -

The days are busy. 

School work activities and housework.  That is what life looks like right now.  Some days I wake up already feeling overwhelmed. 

Too many to-dos and not enough energy.

Time to Recharge

My kids know when to chill (as they put it).  They don't need reminding.  They will watch a TV show together or go curl up with a book.  In the afternoon, one daughter grabs her school reading and goes out to find a sunny spot to sit.  My son's downtime is almost always involved playing Minecraft but that is the way he is wired.  His older brother was the same way.


Sometimes I don't know how to turn off my brain.  I want to relax but there are just too many things buzzing around in there.  Reading is my escape. 

The tasks and need to do's are quieted when I'm able to build time to read into my busy day

Creative Down Time

Sometimes reading isn't the right outlet for recharging.  Occasionally watching TV or a movie in the evening is an activity that we like to do as a family.  When I'm just sitting keeping my hands busy keeps me awake.  Seriously I fall asleep before the end every time if I just sit there. 

These 3 activities allow my mind to relax but still be engaged.

  • adult coloring books
  • working on my Rag Rug
  • digital scrapbooking (especially if I have seen the movie)

Creativity with purpose

Sometimes I like to do a craft to give as a gift.  That is super relaxing because I'm doing something for someone and using my brain in a VERY different way than usual.  It does take more focus and a different work space than front of the TV.   Day to Day Adventures has a whole Craft board on Pinterest where I collect projects that I think the kids would like or ones that I think would be fun for myself. 

This year I have several crafts picked out to make when I have a free hour or just get the urge to create something fun!  Check these out!

10 quick crafts to make for gifts -


Dresser Mirror from Create and Babble

DIY Burp Cloths from Two Twenty One

10 quick crafts to make for gifts -


Faux tye dye t-shirt from Apron Strings and Other Things

Cut fabric with Silhouette from Seasoned Homemaker

10 quick crafts to make for gifts -

Distressed Chalkboard Mason Jars from Something Turquoise

Applique T-shirts from Where the Smiles Have Been

Marbled Votive Candle Holders from Director Jewels

10 quick crafts to make for gifts -

Stenciled Pallet Signs from Weekend Craft

Monogram Letters from Broken Treasures

Water Bottles & other projects with Cricut Explore from P.S. I Love You

As you can see there are several things that utilize the Silhouette and I am super excited to get to play with this fun tool.  I have had it for over a year and I ready to get started using it more often to make gifts or crafts!  Now comes the hard part.  Which one do I choose to work on first?

I'm in the middle of working on a rag rug so that is my first priority.  But a girl can have more than one project going at a time right?  It's like reading more than one book.  Do what you are in the mood for!  My rag rug has definitely helped smooth the way from winter blahs to spring!

What's your vote?  Where should I start? What would you like to receive as a gift?

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