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Rag Rug Video Course

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A year and a half ago I started to dream BIG. People liked the idea of making rag rugs. TONS of people visit Day to Day Adventures daily to see how it is done! But my dream was to get as many people started with rug making as possible. I wanted to provide the tools that a beginner rug maker needs to get started.  It started small with an eBook and now has developed into a Rag Rug Video Course!

Where to get a wooden needle to make a rag rug

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Having the right tools makes a task so much easier! Like having a sharp needle before you start sewing!  Or the right color paper for a scrapbook page! Who wants to stop crafting to go get more supplies because you ran out? Not me. Recently I needed to replace one of my treasured tools, my wooden rug making needle. Thankfully I found a source "close to home" for getting a new one!  

How to finish a rag rug and care for it

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Don’t you just love handmade rag rugs? Somehow they make a room warmer and more colorful! There are several ways to make a rag rug: braiding, weaving and by making knots. My favorite type or rug is made with the Amish knot.  This post is all about how to finish this type of rag rug and care for it! 

How to make the base for a oval rag rug

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This is the most awkward stage of your rug. Since you don’t know what the process is supposed to look like. I have tried to take clear pictures and really show you what each step looks like.  I am in the process of shooting some videos that will help you even more to SEE how a rag rug goes together. 

Doesn't that sound amazing? 

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