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How to finish a rag rug and care for it

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Don’t you just love handmade rag rugs? Somehow they make a room warmer and more colorful! There are several ways to make a rag rug: braiding, weaving and by making knots. My favorite type or rug is made with the Amish knot.  This post is all about how to finish this type of rag rug and care for it! 

How to finish a rag rug and how to care for it -

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This little white rug has grown from a 6 inch base to a 23 x 26.5 inch rug. Perfect for right in front of my bathroom counter! When I started it I wondered how long it would take to make a smaller rug. 

On February 13 I started the base and I finished it on March 10th so just a little over a month of rug making got it done! I was keeping track of the hours and then I forgot but my estimate is that it took about 10 hours to make the rug. 

That’s just 5-6 movies or a season of your favorite TV show! Totally doable.


Finishing a Rag Rug

I like to finish my rugs at the curve of the rug. It hides the ending really well. 

When you are transitioning from the straight part of the rug to the curve cut off your strips to be about 4 inches long. Keep making stitches until you don't have enough fabric to do another.

How to finish a rag rug and how to care for it -
How to finish a rag rug and how to care for it -

As pictured below, take your needle with the working strip fabric(white) through the stitches of the previous row. By going through 6-7 stitches you will keep it from coming unraveled but if you are worried then you can just stitch the end down with a little thread.

How to finish a rag rug and how to care for it -
How to finish a rag rug and how to care for it -

Flip the rug over and do the same with the tail on the back side of the rug. 

How to finish a rag rug and how to care for it -
How to finish a rag rug and how to care for it -

After the ends are anchored then you will not be able to see where you ended the row! I compare this process to finishing a crochet project.  You also anchor the end of the yarn by working it back through the crocheted stitches in this same way.

How to finish a rag rug and how to care for it -

Need a wooden needle?  Get yours on the Rag Rug Resource page!

Care for your rug

This is dependent on the material that your rug is made from. I use a lot of cotton so I just throw mine in the washing machine when my rugs become soiled. Usually every month or two.

After washing I dry mine flat. 

In the summer I lay them on our deck and they dry pretty quick but in the winter I lay them on top of our dog kennels and they are dry the next day.

I'm always surprised at how fast they dry despite being pretty thick from all the fabric.  You might be able to put them in the dryer but I have never tried it.  Plus I know that the dryer is harder on fabric than air drying so I don't do it in an effort to make my rugs last longer!

Other fabrics may require different care so make sure you know what kind of fabric you are using to make your rug!

NEW! Rag Rug Video mini-course available!

Now that you have made it through most of the posts in this rug making series (there is one more post coming soon!), I would like to announce something very special!

Many people are visual and need to see how to make Rag Rugs so as I made my last rug I videoed each step to be included a rag rug mini-course that will allow you to “see” how it is all done!

Each post in the series has pictures and so does the Rags to Rugs eBook but there is just something about video and watching how a craft goes together! If you want to see a sample of what the videos are like you can check out the tutorial on how to join fabric without sewing. There are 8 videos in the mini-course. They will be available VERY soon for $16.  Seriously $2 a video! 

They are sooooo close to being ready.

Seriously--I'm just battling my software right now. Makes me want to pull my hair out! 

How to get the videos ASAP

Sign up to be notified when the videos are available, I will send you an email as soon as everything is ready to go!

I cannot wait to get these in your hands so I will do my best to have them ready ASAP but if you don't hear from me just know that it's the technology being difficult!  I will keep you updated on what is happening in either case!

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