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Homeschool endings are really beginnings

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6 years ago we graduated our first from our homeschool. Everything about his senior year made me sad. 

The biggest thing was the thought of him not being part of our daily life.  It was heart breaking for me.  He was headed across town to college in the fall.  (I know SO far away). I seriously felt like my world was ending and it just would never be the same.

Things I would miss kept popping in my mind and it made my heart ache.

More than anything I felt like my job was over. Silly really since I had 3 more kids waiting in the wings to raise and educate. 

But that’s what my heart was saying.  “Your job is done”  My first born was leaving the nest and there was NOTHING I could do about it. It was breaking my heart because I didn’t want to let go of this wonderful young man.

I wanted him to stay my little boy.  I worried that he wouldn't be able to take care of himself on campus.  I wanted to know that he was going to succeed on his own.  So many things I had to battle through and give to Jesus that year because I would go crazy with worry if I chased them around in my mind.

Good advice from a friend & mentor  

Thankfully I had a friend, who is a few years ahead of me on this journey of being a mom, who spoke the perfect words of wisdom to calm my anxious heart.

She said, “Don’t think of it as the ending of everything but as the beginning of a new wonderful part of your life because there is so much good stuff yet to come.”

Now 6 years later after graduating our oldest and then our first daughter two years ago, I am now facing another graduation this spring.  (This daughter will be moving 2 hours away and I'm doing a little bit of a freak out over that.)

Next fall will be VERY different as we will only have one student in our homeschool. He is entering high school so the clock is really ticking on this job for me.  I'm looking ahead to what comes next and that is super overwhelming! 

I am tempted to again fall in to the “my life as I know it is over” mantra.  I want to avoid the reality that my little chicks are all grown up(almost). 

But the funny thing is that my friend was TOTALLY right.

Sometimes what seems like the end is just a change into a brand new beginning -

Living in the NEXT wonderful part of life

My grown up children are amazing.  I love hanging out with them.  They are fun to talk with and they challenge me to think outside of my box daily.  Life is NEVER boring around here.

Plus I’ve graduated from just mom to grandma and that is a blast.


Adjusting to a NEW role as a mom

My role of mom is VASTLY different from when my children were little. Looking back I was physically exhausted from taking care of their needs that they could not handle themselves.  Today I don't tie shoes or make snacks but my presence is needed just as much.  Often I am emotionally drained at the end of the day.

I guide more than give direct instructions.  Especially in relationships.  Kids have to learn to communicate and interact with others and that can be a mine field.  Over the moon excitement and joy and soul-killing drama can happen all in the same 5 minutes.

I listen more and ask questions so they see the answers without me telling them.  It takes wisdom and experience to know when to speak and when to be quiet. 

Some days I succeed and others I fail miserably.

One thing I am completely convinced of.  I have not completed my "job" as a homeschool mom.  The role has changed but I am still teaching. 

Math, science, English and geography might have ended for most of my children but the privilege of guiding and growing my children will never end.

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