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4 ways memorizing scripture can impact your child's life

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You know the phrase “You are what you eat?” 

Well I believe that is true but I also believe that “You are what you repeat”

Power of repeating

When we create a habit by repeating an action or learn a set of information by repeating it aloud then those things quickly becomes part of us.

That is very POWERFUL and life changing.

4 Ways memorizing scripture has an impact

1.  By learning and memorizing scripture, it forms our character and guides our future decisions and actions.  

2.  The power of repetition causes the material to be imprinted on your brain.  It makes recall later so much easier.  And what better thing for children(and adults) to repeat and memorize than God’s word.

3.  When scripture is familiar to children it makes going to church richer and more meaningful.  Their attention will be caught when they hear "their" verses and will really listen to the teaching attentively.

4.  By memorizing certain sections of scripture with your children (or even just listening to them repeat it to you) it gives you the perfect opportunity to ask if they agree or understand what the verses are about.  Beware though because this often has as much affect on you as it does them!

These are just a few of the amazing benefits to having verses from the Bible stored safely in your memory.

Please head over to In All You Do where I am guest posting today to read the full post about more ways that memorizing scripture can impact your child’s life

75 Awesome Bible verses for memorizing -

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Remember putting God's word in your brain is one of the most powerful things that you can do.

When you teach your children to do the same you are impacting their lives for eternity

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