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3 Ways to Make Home School Special for the Youngest Child

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This school year homeschooling has looked DRASTICALLY different for our family. I am only teaching one child now and he's in HIGH SCHOOL. That means I only have 3 years left!!! 3 years to make our homeschool fun and full of learning for our youngest child!

This is so strange to consider after having four children in our homeschool for so many years. My oldest was in Kindergarten 20 years ago!!! And now two of our older children are in college and one has graduated from college, is married and gainfully employed. The years fly by!

How to do cooking lessons with teens

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Did you know that I don’t make breakfast anymore?  Actually I don’t make breakfast or lunch for my kids.  Now before you get all upset, you need to realize that my “kids” at home are 14 and 20.  They are quite capable of making their own lunch and breakfast.  But I am a little concerned by my 14 year old son.  He is clinging to the same breakfast and lunch everyday and I want him to have more ideas in his repertoire.  We are going to have some teen cooking lessons going on here in November.  This will be an adventure as he’s not so excited about the whole concept of learning to cook.

4 ways memorizing scripture can impact your child's life

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You know the phrase “You are what you eat?” 

Well I believe that is true but I also believe that “You are what you repeat”

Power of repeating

When we create a habit by repeating an action or learn a set of information by repeating it aloud then those things quickly becomes part of us.

That is very POWERFUL and life changing.  Read on for 4 ways (and more) that this can impact you and your children . . . .

Homeschool endings are really beginnings

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6 years ago we graduated our first from our homeschool. It was so challenging.  I learned more about myself in those years than any other in my life.

So the though of him not being part of our daily life was heart breaking for me.  He was headed across town to college in the fall.  I seriously felt like my world was ending and it just would never be the same.