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Why we are NOT homeschooling anymore

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This year starting school didn’t include homeschooling for our family. After being in the trenches with my four kidos for 20 years it was a bit of a shock. Do you want to know why we would choose to NOT homeschool our youngest? Well, read on!

Over two decades ago this month, I sat nervously down with my oldest and we started our first phonics lessons. It was so foreign to me as a public school teacher to only have to keep one child’s attention. The subject matter was totally different as I had taught middle school and adults prior to that first day of Kindergarten in our home.

3 ways I get recharge time as a Mom

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I’m pretty much a stay at home kind of girl. 

There is so much to do at home that most weeks I resist even going to town.  But in my 25 years of being a mom I've learned that it is SUPER important to take the opportunities and adventures that come your way.  Mom's need to getaway and recharge their batteries too!

4 ways memorizing scripture can impact your child's life

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You know the phrase “You are what you eat?” 

Well I believe that is true but I also believe that “You are what you repeat”

Power of repeating

When we create a habit by repeating an action or learn a set of information by repeating it aloud then those things quickly becomes part of us.

That is very POWERFUL and life changing.  Read on for 4 ways (and more) that this can impact you and your children . . . .