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Why we are NOT homeschooling anymore

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This year starting school didn’t include homeschooling for our family. After being in the trenches with my four kidos for 20 years it was a bit of a shock. Do you want to know why we would choose to NOT homeschool our youngest? Well, read on!

Over two decades ago this month, I sat nervously down with my oldest and we started our first phonics lessons. It was so foreign to me as a public school teacher to only have to keep one child’s attention. The subject matter was totally different as I had taught middle school and adults prior to that first day of Kindergarten in our home.

4 ways memorizing scripture can impact your child's life

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You know the phrase “You are what you eat?” 

Well I believe that is true but I also believe that “You are what you repeat”

Power of repeating

When we create a habit by repeating an action or learn a set of information by repeating it aloud then those things quickly becomes part of us.

That is very POWERFUL and life changing.  Read on for 4 ways (and more) that this can impact you and your children . . . .

5 Tools to encourage summer learning

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We are SO close to being finished with school for the year.  Math is finished up and that means extra time for science and history and writing.  I'm super excited for some time off.  Seriously summer vacation is for mom's and teachers too!

Summer Learning

However we don't abandon all learning for 3 months.  Here are several ways that we work learning into our vacation time.  All without being structured or super planned out.