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5 Tools to encourage summer learning

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Don't let the summer slip happen.  Help your children do some FUN learning this summer! -

We are SO close to being finished with school for the year.  Math is finished up and that means extra time for science and history and writing. 

I'm super excited for some time off. 

Seriously summer vacation is for mom's and teachers too!

Summer Learning

However we don't abandon all learning for 3 months.  Here are several ways that we work learning into our vacation time.  All without being structured or super planned out.


Physical Education

There is no shortage of time spent being physically active around here.  Swimming, hiking, biking, garden work, tree climbing etc.  This list could go on and on.  I really think that kids getting outside and working their muscles and coordination is super important.  Around here that counts as "learning".

Don't let the summer slip happen.  Help your children do some FUN learning this summer! -

Summer Reading Program

My kids read constantly but I use the summer to direct them to books that they wouldn't normally pick up.  Library visits become a scavenger hunt and they LOVE it!

Maintaining Skills

Many parents and educators worry about losing the learning momentum during summertime but this challenge can be an opportunity to build existing skills or learn new ones with the right tools.

There are many amazing tools available at Educents on sale this weekend and there is free shipping through Monday on ANY order over $25, just use the code SUNSHINE.

Here are a few of my favorite picks!

Times Tales DVD – Learn Multiplication Tables in an Hour

times tales dvd

Times Tales is an interactive animated DVD that teaches kids the upper times tables without memorization. Students can simply follow along with the entertaining story. As they progress, they’ll be guided into associating the stories they’ve learned with real math. With 70 reviews it has a five-star average rating.

Good for: Ages 5 to 12 Price: $19.99 down from $29.99!

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Magic School Bus – Math & Science Explosions!

Magic School Bus - Math & Science Explosions!

Magic School Bus is an all time favorite for all ages - myself included. This Math and Science Explosion combo is a 2-in-1 of hands-on math and science fun. The math board game is a race to make the volcano explode – first player to get all the math facts right wins! The double sided board means the gamified learning can go on for a long time, perfect for summer afternoons! Good for: ALL ages Price: $53.99 down from $60!

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Digitally Hooked on Phonics


This is a fun and incredibly effective gift that keeps on giving since it's a LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION. Nurture your child's reading and confidence with the right blend of interactive learn-to-read tools! Designed for the 2.0 learner, the award-winning literacy program that brought reading to millions of kids has been fully digitized. It can be synced with computer, tablet, or phone. It's perfect for traveling (and even longer errands with the kids) since you don't need internet for use. This is a summer learning no brainer.

Good for: Ages 4-7 Price: $29.99 down from $49.99

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Exclusive STEM Bundle - 7 Awesome Experiments


Magnets, crystals, fossils - oh my! There are 7 kits in this incredible (and incredibly priced) set, perfect for any budding scientist. With hands-on learning, this is a fun way to engage all children, including special needs. Spur your kids curiosity in STEM(Science, Technology Engineering and Math) and have fun together while learning about the world. As one parent put it,
My 5 homeschooled kids loved this. I have a special needs child and this was a fun way to show him about science. It was so worth getting. I think I will keep buying these every year for all year long projects. -Shelly W.
Good for: Ages 5-10 Price: $59.95 down from $109.99, PLUS ships FREE to the continental US!

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Summer Checklist - Check!


You can check "Summer Activities List" from your OTHER list of to-dos this month with this fun round-up of 52 summer pursuits including indoor and outdoor adventures, as well as simple activities easily integrated into your day. Download it, print it, and stick it on the fridge (or bring along for family visits) for a little daily inspiration this summer!

Price: Free - download it with one click!

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 I haven't personally used any of the above tools (but I'm seriously considering the Times Tales for my youngest).  However I think this sale looks great for finding some summer learning tools.  If you order by Monday, May 30th, don't forget to use the code SUNSHINE at check on any order over $25 to get free shipping!

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