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Motherhood is a beautiful burden

HomeschoolKim BrushComment

Less than a month ago we celebrated Mother’s Day.  Motherhood has been on my mind a lot because it defines who I am.  My role as a mom has been changing lately.

The best and hardest job in the world.  Being a MOM! -

I’m facing a future where my kidos are not at home much.  It feels a lot like I am working myself out of a job.  The job really hasn't changed.  Just the location of the kids.  That and I'm not fixing snacks or tying shoes nearly as much these days.

We graduated #3 last weekend.  That means the whole world will change come August.  One more goes to college.  I am anticipating being a huge mess for a few weeks.  But I know that motherhood has been the BEST job for me for the past 25 years.

I’m sharing more about the Beautiful Burden of Motherhood over at Beauty in the Mess today.  Head over to read the rest of my reflections on motherhood.

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