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Counting it ALL Joy even when things are ugly

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On Valentine's Day, I didn’t want to do ANYTHING.  Except sip tea and be lazy.

Counting it all Joy even when things are ugly.  Why I don't really like Valentine's Day -

After spending more time than I'm used to in the car Friday and Saturday, I was stiff and sore and didn’t feel like I could move.  Plus hubby was really sick--on V-day, it never fails to happen. 

I knew this was the recipe for for a pity party and general BAD mood. 

I chose to count ALL of it joy, every big and little thing, and not give in to the ugly STUFF that seemed to be my lot in life for the day.  After a decent amount of caffeine any way.

Gifts of JOY to Myself

There were no flowers, candy or candlelight dinners.  I'm ok with that but I could have focused on what I didn't have and it would have gotten even more ugly REALLY fast.  Instead I looked for the joy in the little things. 

Gift of movement

I went to church, Sam’s and I kept getting up and working every hour or so.  I felt so productive and got several small things done! 

Gift of cleanliness

My kitchen was a pit.  The kids ran the dishwasher while we were gone but they didn’t wash the pans.  So I’ve washed and cleaned pans, the microwave & the drip pans.  All of which were incredibly gross.  The kitchen sparkles and I love it.

Gift of clear floors

There has been a pile of boxes next to the trash can for DAYS!  I delegated the trash going out to the garage to a child and got the crumbs swept up.  It has also been snowy here so there was a pile of towels by the door for wiping off puppy feet.  Throwing them in the wash felt wonderful because a clear floor makes me smile.

Gift of quiet

Hubby had been alternating sleeping and watching movies since he was sick.  The kids have been running here and there all day so I retreated in to my work room.  I was alone all afternoon.  I feel refreshed for the week to come.  (which is good because I have a feeling about that sickness hubby has)

Valentine’s Day is not my favorite holiday.

It never seems to fail that someone sick.  Or we’ve had an incredibly busy week.  Or the kids have activities that really take the joy out of any “romantic” thoughts or activities. 

Don’t take this wrong.  We LOVE each other but Valentine’s day doesn’t mean that much to us. 

Practicing love day to day is a much bigger deal for us than one day a year.

Counting it all Joy even when things are ugly.  Why I don't really like Valentine's Day -

What LOVE looks like day to day

  • Getting up early to kiss good bye before a long day
  • Serving your family by doing a job that doesn’t bring you much joy
  • Keeping the peace on days where you want to scream over things that go wrong
  • Taking walks to catch up because the week has been so busy there was no together time
  • Texting I love you for no reason
  • Texting Do I need to stop at the store for anything
  • Posting favorite songs for your wife on Facebook on your anniversary
  • Laughing about picking out cards when you both know that there won’t be any cards
  • Stopping at a favorite grocery store just to buy bread that your wife likes

Love means doing all the little things that add up over a lifetime to prove that you were there over the long haul to make life just a little easier for your best friend.

Love Notes for the Kids

We don’t really do much for our kids on Valentine’s day because we love them EVERY day and don't really worry about expressing it BIG on a holiday. 

However this year I decided to express my love for my kids in a tangible way.  I’ve been trying to put up Love Notes on their doors each day.  

Yeah I failed this past week. 

Between the traveling and general tiredness from increasing my activity level, I think I missed several days.  But I’m back at it tomorrow. 

When I started, I gave myself grace to do it the whole month and miss some days.  I know at least one girl here really likes the notes.  That’s enough for me.

You can join me and do love notes too!  It’s as easy as printing some out and writing a few words of love.  They would be fun in lunches or under pillows at anytime of the year—not just February. 

So how did you celebrate Valentine's day?  Big plans or just quiet time at home with family?

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