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How starting a new craft project can beat the winter blahs

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The gray sky is getting to me a bit.  We’ve been sick and I’m SICK of indoors.  I am craving my garden therapy.  

I’d even mow the grass if it was green.

Starting a New Rag Rug Project for National Craft Month.  How starting a new craft project can cure the winter blahs -

But it is February and we are slogging on with catching up on school so there can be more time outside in April, May and June.  

March brings us the promise of spring with slightly warmer temperatures but we can still have a lot of snow happen here in mid Missouri.  So instead of getting my hopes up, I'm counting on being inside still and I decided a new project would help keep me busy and less frustrated with the weather.

Project with LOTS of benefits

March is National Craft month.  I am working now on the prep for a new project.  I love to make rag rugs & it is really not very hard at all! 

A few years ago I did a series detailing each part of the rug making process.  

Check out HOW TO MAKE A RAG RUG if you are interested in all the nitty gritty. 

Surprising Side benefits from starting a new craft project

  1. Battle the winter blues--When I have a project that I can see progress on and it gets my creative juices going so I FEEL better!  I find doing a creative activity redirects my thoughts to more positive things.
  2. Decluttering my fabric stash—Hi my name is Kim and I am a fabric hoarder.  Seriously.  I’ve been saving old jeans for years to be able to do this rug.  TIhad about 25 pairs of jeans which took up a lot of room.  By ripping up the jeans I was able to eliminate a box of fabric!  Yay!
  3. Filling the time—I’m still spending a lot of time resting and healing from my hip replacement surgery.  This project is battling the feeling that I am not accomplishing anything during my down time.
  4. Mental Activity—This is related to #3.  I find I do the same things over and over.  Morning routine, school time, even blogging activities are repetitious.  It drives me bonkers!  This rag rug designing and creating is NEW and fun for my brain to think about!
  5. Creative thoughts—When I start one project I find that it influences me in other areas.  As I give more of my thinking to the creativity of rug making, then I want to also be working on my scrapbooking.  Funny how our brains works.  The stimulation from thinking about in one project can inspire thoughts in related areas.

PREP work on Rag Rug

  • Last week's accomplishment was to rip the jeans & see how much fabric I have.
  • This week's work in progress is to cut strips from all the jeans.  So far I have a small pile from just 30 minutes of cutting while watching a movie(picture on left). 
Starting a New Rag Rug Project for National Craft Month.  How starting a new craft project can cure the winter blahs -
Starting a New Rag Rug Project for National Craft Month.  How starting a new craft project can cure the winter blahs -

Coming Soon

My computer, my favorite lap desk and I have become close friends.  Sitting for several hours each day while healing from surgery has made me look for projects that I can do on my computer.  After all too much Netflix will make you crazy!  The BIG project that has come from my recuperation time is almost ready to reveal.   

It has A LOT to do with this new rag rug!!! (hint) If you love rag rugs, then you do NOT want to miss out on this announcement! There will be some freebies for sure!

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