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Diet Changes AND Challenges

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I like to think our family eats fairly healthy.  Most nights we have chicken, pork, fish, or beef and then healthy sides like salad & veggies with an occasional bowl of ice cream to finish things up.  But on the other hand its not uncommon to have a pizza from Hy-vee because momma is just too tired to be creative. 

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Diet CHALLENGE #1 Gluten Intolerance & Celiac Disease

One challenge we often encounter is that my daughter seems to have some wheat or gluten intolerance. 

We haven’t had her officially tested but when she eats wheat she has headaches & feels “sick.” 

So she avoids it when possible.  I am avoiding wheat as well but mainly because I’ve noticed a gain of 2-3 lbs each time I eat it. 

**Update:  Elizabeth was diagnosed with Celiac disease in Dec '14 and now eats gluten free.

Diet Challenge #2

I really think that this has been preparing me for the BIG change that we’ve had the past month.  My mom has moved in with us and she is a diabetic. 

Ironically I changed my eating even more about 7 weeks ago to the Thin Healthy Mamma(THM) plan after reading the book. 

Diet Changes & Challenges -

I still eat carbs but they are low glycemic & that works SO well in coordination with Mom’s diabetes.  Not to mention that I’ve lost 5 pounds while eating desserts, healthy fats, good carbs & yummy snacks. 

With this plan I’ve kicked the soda habit & the cravings are gone!!  I cannot believe it!!

One of my BIGGEST challenges is Tuesdays.  It is our errand day and I have to pack food for Mom and I for lunch & snacks.  It feels like a lot to pack.


How to help eat healthy on Errand Day

Lunch—these little ice cream containers were bought by my hubby when our freezer was FULL of meat and we had no room for big containers of ice cream.  A fun treat for the kids but VERY handy for packing small portions.


Cottage cheese, cucumbers, Joseph’s pita, peanut butter & sliced strawberries, dessert is usually a homemade peanut butter cup!

Snack—Kroger Greek yogurt.  Love this yogurt as it seems to have the lowest carbs of the flavored Greek brands.  Gentle on the blood sugar levels for mom.

You should also know I have a THM drinking problem--the good kind.  I must have a drink around all the time!  So of course I put all this food in my little cooler w/ a jug of Good Girl Moonshine for me & sweet tea made with stevia for mom & we are good to go!

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