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Traveling with the Trim Healthy Mama Plan

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Traveling when you are trying diet or to eat a specific way can be challenging. 

How do you do it & not get off track while you are away from home?  Here are some tips & hints that are specifically for the Trim Healthy Mama plan but could help anyone to keep on track with diet guidelines while traveling.

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1.  Plan out your menu if you can. 

menu plan printable

We recently went on a 6 day trip with our kids.  I had NO control over what we ate but I was able to find out before we left what the meal coordinator was planning.  With that information in mind I was able to bring things that would help me stay on plan. 

EXAMPLE   We were stopping at fast food for lunch.  I knew I could have a chicken salad or burger.  So I brought along Zevia soda & a Joseph's pita to make the burger doable for me.  Then I got a side salad with ranch dressing.  Not perfect but better than a soda, burger with a bun & fries.

Free Menu Planner(download)

2.  Plan snacks too. 

I made sure I had apples, strawberries, cake in a mug(premade), cheesesticks, & nuts.  Prepackage them in little snack size Ziplock bags so you can just grab one from the cooler & go.

Pin this to remember for later! 

Pin this to remember for later! 

3.  Pack a cooler. 

Check to see if there is a refrigerator &/or a microwave in your room.  If there isn't a refrigerator then just keep ice in gallon size Ziplock bags in your cooler.  Ice is usually free at a hotel.

For our trip we were packing food for Elizabeth, who has Celiac disease, soit was no big deal to add the things that I wanted as well. 

Cooler list: 

  • Fruit
  • veggies
  • baked oatmeal
  • cheese
  • small container of cream for my tea
  • triple zero yogurt
  • almond milk
  • egg cups
  • prebaked MIM
  • Joseph's pitas.


4.  Make a stash.  

HonestlyI didn't know what to call this.  Here's a picture of what I mean.

Traveling with THM

What's in my stash: 

  • Defatted pb flour to add to yogurt
  • Stevia extract, cayenne to make Shrinker
  • Truvia packets, apple cider vinegar & caramel flavoring to make caramel apple GGMS
  • My favorite Bigelow French Vanilla tea, protein powder & MCT oil for bulletproof tea(& fav mug)
  • olive oil for salads
  • Individual serving peanut butter to go on apples or top a chocolate MIM
  • Measuring spoons
  • Doonk for measuring cayenne & Stevia extract

All those nested nicely within my cold drink cup & hot tea mug.  All packed together in a toiletries bag.    **I found all the little containers at Dollar General & the Dollar Tree.

Was it extra work?  Yes.  Was it worth it?  YES!  I maintained my weight while on our trip and now I'm right back in to doing my scheduled free style menu

How do you pack for trips and what helps you keep "on plan?"  I would love some new tips for my next trip out-of-town!

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