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Scheduled Free Style Menu #2

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Scheduled Free Style Menu 2

Well as of a week ago I'm back on the band wagon for scheduling my days by fuel type(week #1 menu). 

Though I haven't lost additional pounds, I'm still maintaining my 2 pound loss from doing this "tweek" of the Trim Healthy Mama plan

Last week wasn't a complete week for me because Joshua's birthday was Thursday so I might have had a couple of crossovers that night.(wink).  The menu below was my plan but hey I chucked the plan Thursday night. 

Day 1--Focus on Low Carb meals   

**I drink GGMS & Shrinker off and on all day

  • Breakfast--Scrambled eggs, bacon, Light Bulletproof Tea
  • Snack--Skinny Chocolate & Hormel lunch meat "sandwiched" in cucumber slices
  • Lunch--Leafy green salad, Tuna Salad, Lemon Cake in Mug(pg. 379)
  • Snack--Snickers Shake
  • Supper--Grilled T-bone steaks, leafy green salad, steamed broccoli & cauliflower, olive oil
  • Dessert--Skinny chocolate

Day 2--Focus on Low Carb meals

  • Breakfast--Sausage patty, Cake in Mug(pg. 379) in a waffle maker, substitute protein powder for cocoa.  Add 1/2 tsp cinnamon to batter. You can sprinkle it with powdered homemade truvia
  • Snack--Skinny chocolate & Hormel lunch meat wrapped in leafy lettuce
  • Lunch--Crabby Patties(p. 338), green peppers, leafy green salad & olive oil
  • Snack--Choco Pudding(p. 366)
  • Supper--Egg Roll in a Bowl
  • Dessert--Skinny chocolate

Day 3--Focus on Protein--light day

  • Breakfast--Zucchini Fritter(just egg whites p. 217), egg white scramble, berries
  • Snack--Berry Whey Smoothie with Spinach(p. 243)
  • Lunch--Loaded Fotato Soup(p. 294), Joseph's Lavash bread with deli meat, lettuce & tomato
  • Snack--Muffin in a Bowl (p 258)
  • Supper--FP Salad p 301,  cottage cheese with Berry Syrup
  • Dessert--Chia Tapioca Pudding(p. 234)

Day 4--Focus on Protein--light day

  • Breakfast--Berry Smoothie(p. 243) with egg white scramble & turkey bacon
  • Snack--Hormel lunch meat wrapped in leafy lettuce
  • Lunch--Joseph's FP Pizza(p. 280) & leafy green salad
  • Snack--cottage cheese with Berry Syrup
  • Supper--Citrus Fish Bake(p. 286), Cauli Rice(p. 358) & carrots & a leafy green salad
  • Dessert--Light Bulletproof Tea

Day 5 Focus on low-glycemic Carbs & Protein

(CARBS are SO important to loosing weight.  But be sure to choose low-glycemic ones!)

  • Breakfast--THM Pancakes with Greek yogurt & berries
  • Snack--Muffin in a Mug(E version) & piece of fruit
  • Lunch--Mozzarella Turkey Toast p 239, green leafy salad & cottage cheese
  • Snack--Orange and low fat cheese stick
  • Supper--Chicken Stir Fry & rice
  • Dessert--Light Bullet proof Tea, Josheph's Lavash with Laughing Cow cheese(aldi brand)

Weekends are crazy around here and I find it easier to just free style and switch it up.  Make sure to have AT LEAST one low-glycemic carb meal or snack each day!  As you can see I used recipes from the THM book and just basic foods.  Nothing crazy or special.

scheduled free style menu 2

Many of these recipes are on my pinterest boards.

The recipes with page numbers are from the THM book.

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