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10 go-to meals for food decision fatigue

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Go To Recipes for Food Decision Fatigue -

Most days I have a menu planned.  If I I check the list ever morning then I know what needs to be defrosted or be thrown in the crock pot.  But some days just don't go according to plan.  Emergencies, Headaches, KIDS, Interruptions.  They happen.  So I stand at the freezer or refrigerator stuck in what I call food decision fatigue.  It's a horrible feeling and it helps so much to have a list of go to meals when this happens!

Why is it SO hard to come up with a meal at 4:30? 

I can't make a decision about supper at 4:30.  My brain is almost always on vacation then.  Hence the reason for the menu plan.  But for wonky days, I have a Pinterest board to help my inability to decide.

Seriously.  Don't laugh.

10 simple go-to meals

Below I've listed my tried and true foods.   I can serve these any day & for that matter everyday for a while.  No one in my family would complain and they are part of our families healthy eating reboot.  Of course everyone knows that if they complain then I will gladly let them make the next few meals!

Simple is best. 

My brain needs simple.  It keeps me on plan and not reaching for junk.


1.  Eggs(many forms but mainly scrambled) & muffins

2. French Toast with Greek Yogurt & fruit


3. Lettuce roll up with deli meat & piece of fruit

4. Snicker's milkshake

5. Salad with leftover meat from supper

Supper--always with salad or a veggie

6. Meatballs with "sauce"--many choices--spaghetti, alfredo etc

7. Salsa Chicken--2# chicken plus 1 jar of salsa for 4 hours on high in crockpot!  Plus rice & sour cream!

8. Lemon Chicken

Dessert--I premake these & stick them in the freezer!

9. Peanut Butter Cups

10. Unfudgy No bake cookies

That's it.  My secret list to make my HARD days a little easier. 

What's your favorite go to healthy meal? 

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