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A great start on a Fall Garden? Not so much

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Fall Garden 2015 -

My plan today was to post about how I'd gotten a great start on my fall garden.

That just hasn't happened. 

End of August blahs

What is it about the approach of the end of August? 

  • My energy levels are WAY down. 
  • The motivation to get outside is waning. 
  • We aren't out in the pool on a daily basis.
  • I can feel the shrinking hours of sunshine.

I'm so thankful that the grass has finally slowed its growth.  I think we have mowed every week this year.  Instead of the grass browning & slowing down its growth in early August it stayed green until just last week.

Still Dreaming

I'm still planning a fall garden!  The hay on the garden experiment has been a grand success.  We aren't battling a weed patch.   The pumpkins are not laying in the dirt but on top of "clean" hay.  So we can just pull back the straw and plant seeds for our fall garden.  Here are a few of the possibilities!

Great Start on Fall Garden -
Great Start on Fall Garden -
Great Start on Fall Garden -

Peas                                                Carrots                                                   Beets

Stocking up on seeds at the end of the season

I hit the jackpot the other day at the Dollar General. 

Did you know that when the back to school items are on the shelves that stores want the summer merchandise GONE and often clearance everything at great discounts? Well I got many seed packets for 2 cents each.  Packets of wild flowers for 20 cents! 

Yes I bought a bunch.  No I didn't clear out the store.  No one needs 20 packs of pumpkin seeds. 

What I did buy will store well and then I will be set to start seedlings in early spring next year. 

Lessons learned from August blahs?

  • Once school starts to loom on the horizon, my brain turns from summer pursuits (aka growing things) to organizing and planning our school year.  That is a good things for home schooling but not as great for having a fall garden.
  • It would have helped to have a plan in place.  Gardening takes a bit of mental energy.  If I can make my plan in the spring so I can do succession planting then that will flow better.
  • Just do it.  Our first frost date is mid October.  So right now is 6 weeks from then.  Perfect for fast growth cooler temperature plants.  That's what I'm focusing on planting. 

Being in the garden is still better than therapy

When I'm feeling overwhelmed by the resuming of all the kid's evening activities and "normal" life, I say to my husband "want to go to the garden?"  He knows that is code for "I'm going crazy over here. Take me back to the peaceful summer days." 

We've had a few peaceful nights admiring our baby pumpkins.  They are about 9 inches long and growing daily.  The rain over the weekend really helped!

Great Start on Fall Garden -
Great Start on Fall Garden -

Last year we had a beautiful harvest & I'm hoping for the same this year.  With our late start on planting, I was doubtful that they would grow fast enough..  We keep counting how many there are and I think we will get at least six. 

Nothing says fall, harvest & the end of summer to me better than pumpkins.

Drop me a comment about how your garden is doing or how you are battling the August blahs.  On this post or on our Facebook Page--either would be great.  I'd love to hear from you!

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