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DIY Custom Cushion Cover for Window Seat

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One of the benefits of a week off from having the whole family around is that I get to do projects that have been calling my name for MONTHS!!!  That's was one of this weeks blessings!

Here’s a few I’ve tackled and finished.  And a few that will be done in the next couple of days.

  • Clean out and organize my work/school room
  • Purge and clean out papers from my mom’s estate
  • Gather scrapbook supplies in one place
  • Go through books from the basement and get some out of the boxes to put on shelves
  • Organize sewing projects
  • Paint cabinet for work room

About 6 months ago Steve finished up the built in shelves & window seat.  I knew I wanted a cushion for the seat.  It’s such a good place to read a book or nap.  Hopefully the dogs won’t figure out it’s a good place to sit.  

Here’s how I did it

1.  I ordered a foam cushion from Home Depot.  I was surprised that it cost much less than getting foam from the craft store.  I did have to order it online but it was delivered to the store so there was no shipping! Score!

DIY Custom Cushion Cover -

When the foam came it was rolled up.  After I removed the plastic, it sort of inflated and then after a couple of days of relaxing it was perfect.  The above picture is before it fully relaxed.  I thought I was going to have to trim a little off but after relaxing it fit perfectly!

DIY Custom Cushion Cover -

A friend had given me a bunch of denim fabric a while ago & this was perfect to cover my cushion. 


1.  Cut Fabric.  I added about 20 inches to the length of my cushion.  The fabric was MEASURE wide and that fit the cushion width exactly.  So no hemming since that was the finished side(selvage). 

2.  I did hem the short side so it wouldn't ravel when I wash it.

DIY Custom Cushion Cover -
DIY Custom Cushion Cover -
DIY Custom Cushion Cover -

3.  I thought about hot gluing the velcro but decided to sew it on instead.  

DIY Custom Cushion Cover -
DIY Custom Cushion Cover -

4.  My plan was to fold in the edges like wrapping a present.  So I cut shorter pieces that fit inside the folded in sides.  Since my fabric wasn't even on each side(not a big deal) I had velcro on top for the longer side and on the side for the shorter side.  Pinned it on and after removing the foam I sewed it on.

DIY Custom Cushion Cover -
DIY Custom Cushion Cover -

5.  Put the foam back in being careful to get your velcro lined up.  I didn't do that the first time(pic on the left) and had to readjust it(picture on the right). 

DIY Custom Cushion Cover -
DIY Custom Cushion Cover -

6.  Line up all the velcro and fasten it together!  That's it! 

DIY Custom Cushion Cover for Window Seat -

This project is great for customizing how a room looks.  The denim makes my workroom even more comfortable and inviting but if I changed the fabric it could become a kids playroom or a more formal type guest room. 

Fabric & velcro is all it takes!  Now I'm read to get some fun pillows on there.

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