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Blessings from this week volume 2

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Lots of excitement this week! 


Blessings from the Week vol 2 - DaytoDay

#1 Travel Safety

Steve and the kids arrived home safely! I think Joshua was hug deprived because he kept hugging me all night! 

Steve had grown a scruffy face and both kids had many stories to tell about their Uncle and cousin. The back woods makes you a little more rough around the edges.

#2 Friendships

Elizabeth’s best friend Shae came to visit.  He shows up to camp out for a while every few months.  We enjoy him & so far we haven’t scared him off.  LOL!

Blessings from the week vol 2 -

#3 Feeling Healthy

Elizabeth is feeling SOOOOOO much better.  I plan to do a post soon on what we've done this summer that has brought that about but it was awesome to see her feeling good and able to run around like a college kid with her friend this week.

Blessings from the week vol 2 -

#4 Creating Space

We went to our homeschool group’s ice cream social.  I took 6 boxes of book and left with only 3!  Sold a bunch and gave away even more.  Love the space that creates in my house.  It helps me create peace from the chaos of clutter!

#5 Dual Enrollment

Megan’s first day of college classes happened on Wednesday.  She’s taking American Sign Language & College Algebra.  Taking classes outside of our home is one of our goals for our kids when they are seniors.  She is super excited and said everything went great!

#6 Bible Quizzing


We started quizzing 13 years ago.  This is the first year in a while that we only have 2 kids participating. 

This activity has been such a HUGE part of our lives. It has drawn my children together.  As they cheer each other on, it has built strong relationships.

The planting of God's word in their minds & hearts has reaped such amazing harvests.  I know that will continue for years to come.


Kick off for this season was this week and Joshua was super excited that he got a question right!  Studying pays off.

It's been a great week!  We are looking ahead to starting school and starting regular activities. 

It can be overwhelming. 

My goal is to focus on the blessings and not the difficulties that come from being busy with good things in our lives.

What kind of week have you had?  Can you count 3(or more) blessings in your life right now?

You will be glad that you did . . . . I promise.

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