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A story of Gratitude from Loss and Joy from Pain

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Story of Gratitude

So many things happen in a year.  

Time passes at different speeds.

A year ago my life looked different.

Normal had changed so many times I didn’t recognize it.

But sight was a gift I took for granted.

We don’t see time passing.  Hours are spent moving forward without thought.

Life can change in an instant.

Preparation is impossible.

For those moments that define us.

Story of Gratitude

Some things are learned by the slow passing of time.

Time can stretch long though the days are numbered few.

Perseverance, long suffering, patience comes from mental battles that no one can see.

When you view the past you can see a line drawn in path of your life.

After crossing the line

Things that were normal, comforting


Things that are pain filled, difficult

New normal has to be searched for and grasped

Old normal forgotten & abandoned

Desperation to escape pain & darkness

Much love given by others who could do nothing to help.  But pray.

It was the best thing.  Prayers of others cradled me.

I do not like looking back.  It hurts.  

I want to forget and move into the future.  

But the past shapes the future so I cannot forget.

This is dark and might seem out of place.  Memories are strong this week.

But out of darkness comes light.  Out of desperation comes joy.

Joy from Pain

I have seen amazing things tho my sight was dimmed.

Family loving.  Friends praying.  Girls serving.  Men supporting.  Children giving.

Time spent in pain & darkness can lead to the one who holds us close.  Prayers show the way.

Only by knowing bad desperate days & weeks can you begin to search for and cling to the joy.

Road of Gratitude

Small things are anchors.  Glimmers of light.

Laughter, hunger, friendship, energy

A past journal speaks of who I was a year ago.  

It hurts to remember. 

It shows the way everything changes.

The small things listed serve to remind me that joy has brought me here.

Sunshine.  Color.  Lines on friends faces.  Sparkle in little eyes.  Sharp focus.

Words do not encompass the gratitude that fills my cup.

Pain & fear have gone. 

Darkness has turned to light.

Yes, and I will rejoice, for I know that through your prayers and the help of the Spirit of Jesus Christ this will turn out for my deliverance.  Philippians 1:18-19
A story of Gratitude from Loss

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