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2 Simple Ways to Fight the Mess

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2 Simples Ways to Fight the Mess - Day to Day Adventures

When the kids were younger I had 4 helpers at home.  We cleaned by areas.  

Everyone had an area & I was able to get over my frustration at my messy house when we cleaned by areas.

It worked well IN THAT SEASON.  This season is very different.

I’m down to just 2 kidos at home most of the time.  Since Megan is a senior this year that means in one year I will have one kid at home.  That just amazes me!

Of course that means less mess but we still need a system to keep the house clean.

So I’m approaching cleaning & picking up differently now.  


FIGHTING the MESS is my newest mantra on my approach to cleaning house. 

To win I can’t let it overwhelm me.  

#1 Way I FIGHT--I pick what is screaming the loudest at me

2 Simple Ways to Fight the Mess  - Day to Day Adventures
  • The table in the kitchen has piles all over it.  Like you cannot see the table. Seriously.(picture from old house)
  • Bathrooms haven’t been cleaned in a while.  You know this when the toothpaste in the sink is becoming modern art.
  • Dog hair is collecting in the corners because no one has swept in a while(we have two very hairy dogs!)
  • If you can’t walk barefoot on the hardwood floor because of the “crunchy” factor.  Again someone needs to sweep!
  • When you can’t cook because the counters all have “stuff” on them that needs to be put away.  You know the stuff like mail(open and unopened), empty containers and all things that got laid down and left for “later.”


#2 Way I FIGHT--weekly routine

2 Simple Ways to Fight the Mess - Day to Day Adventures

Sunday-Thursday--our weeks are so full of school, activities, studying,, running errands that we don't do much cleaning.  However we do work on the stuff that keeps mom from coming unglued.

  • Laundry
  • Dishes
  • Clean counters in the kitchen
  • Sweep up the floors a few times a week

Friday & Saturday

  • Delegate—give kids several cleaning jobs.  Bathrooms are a big one because I hate cleaning the mess that they make. 
  • Most visible first—honestly I want the house presentable for guests so we can have people unexpectedly with no stress on my part.   I still battle my thoughts when friends see my messy house but I am getting better at relaxing.
  • Pick a big project if there is time.  Some weeks are less messy than others.  On those I might pick a bigger project to do.  Examples: clean all the windows or deep clean the refrigerator.

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2 Simple Ways to Fight the Mess - Day to Day Adventures

Teens not toddlers: the rules haven’t changed

Expectations are different for our kids now from when they were younger. 

We aren’t picking up tons of toys each day but there are school papers and books every where. 

In some ways the rules aren’t different.

  • If you make a mess clean it up
  • Your momma isn’t your maid—seriously I say this a lot
  • Don’t leave your stuff in the way of others
  • If you can help others—do it!

It seems to work.  In THIS season.  In the next I know it will change. 


I invite you to click overand read about how we used to clean by areas to keep my frustration away.

Fighting the mess on Friday’s(and some Saturday’s) keeps it to a manageable chore.  I am NOT talking about cleaning all day on Friday either.  Usually everyone works for less than an hour.

Our weekend is much more relaxing when the house is clean and the work for the week is mostly done! 

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