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DIY No Sew Lap Desk Tutorial

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DIY No Sew Lap Desk Tutorial - www.Day to Day

My computer likes to run hot. 

The fan is continually blowing.  When I sit with my laptop on my legs, it can really heat up the space. 

So I went searching for a solution.  All the lap desks that I found on Amazon were too expensive or not my style. 

After looking at several tutorials online I decided to make my own.  It allowed me to customize the fabric and look of the wood.

It also cost MUCH LESS than the fancy ones I found online.




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Supplies for wooden Lap Desk

  • unfinished wooden lap desk from Home Depot.  I checked other hardware stores & Home Depot was the only one that had it.  It cost me less than $6 and it came to the store so no shipping(score!)
  • stain or paint
  • foam chair pad or an old flat throw pillow(recycle!)
  • fabric 1/3-1/2 yard
  • glue
  • staples & stapler

Step 1--Stain or paint the wooden lap desk your preferred color.  Mine matches the woodwork in our house.  I like it but you can choose any color or even paint it.

DIY Lap Desk Tutorial
DIY Lap Desk Tutorial

Step 2—-I bought a foam chair pad from Hobby Lobby.  Again it was very inexpensive.  I cut the foam to be smaller than the wooden desk.  Make sure to cut it so that the handle isn't covered.(see pictures below)

Step 3—-Cut the foam to the shape of the wooden desk and then glue it on.  Let it dry for a bit.  I waited 15-20 minutes.

DIY Lap Desk Tutorial

Step 4—-While waiting I cut my fabric approximately the same shape as the foam with plenty of extra on each side.  I used denim because I had it but any fabric would work for this project.   Use what you have or your can purchase something cute to match your decor!

Step 5—-The glue wasn’t completely dry so I tucked the fabric between the wood desk and foam on one side.  The fabric stuck to the wood and the foam. 

Step 6--Then I wrapped the fabric over the foam and tucked it under on the other side.

DIY Lap Desk Tutorial

Step 7--At this point, two sides of the fabric are glued down.  On the remaining two sides, I folded the ends up as if I was wrapping a present.  See the picture below.  This will keep all raw edges from showing after you staple them down in the next step.

DIY Lap Desk Tutorial
DIY Lap Desk Tutorial

Step 8--Then I put the folded long edge on the wooden desk and stapled the fabric to it using a regular stapler.  A couple of the staples didn't go in straight and I had to redo them.  None of the staples went through to the other side.

DIY Lap Desk Tutorial
DIY Lap Desk Tutorial

Step 9--Repeat step 8 on the other side.  At this point, I let the glue dry overnight.  The next morning it was ready to go.  The fabric was secure and the foam didn't slip around!

This is perfect for my laptop & it keeps my legs MUCH cooler. 

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