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Blessings from the week volume 3

Kim BrushComment

I knew this week would be busy but WOW has it been full!

#1 Family

We made a trip to St. Louis this week to visit the zoo!  This was a BIG thing on many of the kids summer bucket lists.  So glad we were able to make it work for everyone!

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#2 Sweet little ones first trip to the zoo

Blessings -
Blessings -
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#3 Birthday Celebrations

Although it was late for one and early for the other they were happy to celebrate! 

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As they get older there is more green in their cards and less presents and wrapping paper but it's fun to see them acting excited as little kids.  It's so fun that they still sit on the floor with their gifts in piles around them and tease each other. 

#4 Relationships

I love that my kids are friends.  They for the most part get a long.  And they adopt others along the way.  If you are a friend of one of my children, then just expect to get your picture taken and be treated like one of the family.  Like it or not.

Blessings -
Blessings -

#5 Only 4 plates at the supper table

This is a hard blessing to count.  But it is a blessing.   We weren't sure if it would happen at the beginning of the summer.   But we've seen HUGE improvement in her health this summer, and Elizabeth moved back to college on Monday. 

Blessings -

It's been hard for us.  Because we like having her around.  The house feels empty with her gone.  It's been hard for her because she's still battling her fatigue and a new routine makes that challenging. 

As the weekend, approaches I am praising God for all the blessings he sends my way. Some are in disguise.  Some challenge me to become a better person and grow. 

I'm so thankful that there are too many to count.

What are your blessings today?  This week?  Comment and share so I can rejoice with you.