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DIY Ombre Cabinet Drawer Tutorial

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DIY Ombre Drawer tutorial -

You would think my room that is full of shelves wouldn’t need more storage.

That’s what I told myself when I saw the cabinets with drawers on a Facebook local bargain page.

I kept saying "Do you need these?"

Even as I made arrangements to go take a look at them.  


When I saw them I knew that they would be great to “hide” my scrapbook pages and half finished sewing projects. Small wide drawers are handy!

So I bought the cabinet and brought it home.  It is humble.  Especially compared to my beautiful stained window seat and shelves.  But I had a vision on what would make them beautiful.

PAINT is magical

An old piece of furniture or a room can be transformed by a brush and some color.  

The box part of the cabinet I painted the same color as the living room & dining room.  It’s boring.  Basic.  Goes with about anything.

But my vision for the drawers was an ombre progression of color.  

What color was the big question? 

DIY Ombre Drawer tutorial -

I had no idea so I gave myself permission to pick a color and then if I didn't like it then I would start again with a new color. 

I used the red color that is on my screen door.  I bought a sample size from Lowe’s and jumped in painting.  It was the perfect amount of paint for this small project.

I went to work EARLY. 

On my shady porch. 

Because it is still August. 

And I wanted this project done before my husband got home that night from his 10 day camping trip to the north woods.  I’m very please with how it turned out.


1.  Primer.  I used what we had on hand.  Primer was important because of the dark blue being covered by the off white.  I did both the cabinet and the drawers. 

DIY Ombre Drawer tutorial -
DIY Ombre Drawer tutorial -

2.  After the primer was dry, I painted the cabinet and first drawer with the off white.  

Then the fun began. 

I mixed 3/4 cup of off white with 1 Tablespoon of RED!  I got a light pink.

3.  After I painted the next drawer then I added 2 more tablespoons of the red and painted another drawer.  I kept this pattern on each drawer.  Then on the last drawer I added a bunch of red.  I absolutely love how it turned out!

DIY Ombre Drawer tutorial -

These drawers were not pretty when I started.  They had scrapes, drips from dried paint etc.  Thankfully the paint worked its magic and the finished cabinet looks MUCH better!  Now to start organizing my scrapbooking & sewing projects so I can spend time FINISHING them!

DIY Ombre Drawer tutorial -

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