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Cauliflower Pizza aka Squeezed Brains

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Sometimes you decide to do something really random because you read about it on the internet. 

That is a good description of how I got started on the Trim Healthy Mama(THM) eating plan. 

Cauliflower pizza aka squeezed brains - Day to Day adventures

I’ve been using this plan since April.  I’ve lost almost 20 pounds and learned so much about how my body uses food. 

I’m a slow looser due to the many stresses I have in my life right now. 

Another lesson I have learned. 

It was very useful for Elizabeth & her gluten intolerance(update: which we now know is Celiac disease).  For so long pizza, sandwiches, cookies, etc have been a problem. 

Working through Diet Changes & Challenges have been a slow process for her and THM has helped with recipes and ideas on how to make it work for our entire family. 


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One of our favorite meals is Fooled You Pizza from the THM book, but there are many cauliflower pizza recipes out there if you don't own the THM book.  Last night I wasn’t feeling well so Elizabeth took control & made supper.

It was quite amusing.  One of the steps is to squeeze the cauliflower in order to remove as much moisture as possible.   We make almond milk quite regularly using this nut bag that I bought on Amazon(NOT an affiliate link).  It is also perfect for squeezing the cauliflower—very easy to clean up.

Cauliflower Pizza aka squeezed brains - Day to Day Adventures
Elizabeth’s comment “This is like squeezing brains” I think that idea made her feel pretty powerful. Ha!

She definitely made us all laugh. 

Personally I was just  thankful that I didn’t have to make supper. 

It is a blessing to have a 17 year old who can take charge in the kitchen. 

Knowing how to make gluten free meals is an great lesson for her since she can’t eat regular pizza without having problems. 


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