Day to Day Adventures

Time Warp & New Beginnings

Kim BrushComment

So much happens in a year.  I want to play catch up.  I want to fill in the blanks but I can’t do that.  \

There is too much.  So instead.

I will go on from here and pretend that the time warp didn’t happen. 

I will go on and pretend that my heart has not broken over and over and I’ve haven't had to find a way to keep on moving through the pain and sorrow. 

I will go on and pretend that I haven’t battled grief, disbelief, pain, impatience and all the rest. 

I will go on and be the wiser, stronger person that I have become. 

I will go on and be joyful because of all the beauty that my life holds. 

Do I have regrets?  Absolutely

Do I miss the days before?  At times

Was there a way through the storm that lasted for so long?  Yes and maybe I’ll have the right words someday to express how I made it through. 

But not today.  Today I’m finding my way to a new beginning

So welcome to my life.  I hope that we can get to know each other. 

I want to share the things that make up our days.  Come on in and join me for a visit. 

Soon it will be spring again and we can enjoy the sunset from the front porch.  Until then I’ll be sipping hot tea and working inside where it is warm.