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Journey to Clear Vision

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Journey to Clear Vision -



There is no substitute for it.  It's one of those things we take for granted.  I know I did for 42 years.  Sure I had to pop my contacts in or slip on my glasses to "improve" my sight but even that was pretty low maintenance to function day to day.



Since August I've had to refocus.  Change my priorities.  Vision became painful, distorted, blurry.  My normal was yanked away.  I doubted it would ever return.  A fungal infection damaged the surface of my cornea. My children and husband were amazing.  They just couldn't look at me without their eyes watering.  My friends spoke(texted) encouraging words, brought me food, drove me all over.  I focused on what I could do--which wasn't much. 

Journey to Clear Vision -

I prayed. 

A lot. 

After begging God to let the drugs work & my vision to return, I prayed for my family--each and everyone of them.  My mom had just died of pancreatic cancer.  So I prayed for my family and their grief.  I still question why God let my eye be injured at this time.  It was SO not how I had expected that time to be.  Each day I looked for blessings.  That was a battle.  But if I could find them then I could keep walking through this trial.



Nothing brings humility like pain.  It makes you so weak I had to take pain meds to get through the day.  They made me loopy.  I forgot things.  I slept a lot.  My bed and I were great friends for several weeks.  Scratch that, it was actually months.  But somewhere in that dark time I figured out that I would be ok.  I was NOT happy with my situation but I was content to see what God would work out.  I could trust him.  He walked me through a horrible experience with my mom.  He would walk me through this trial as well. 



Journey to Clear Vision -

Now 6 months later I am on the other side of a cornea transplant.  I'm finding my normal again.  I know that could change in an instant.  I'm so thankful to be able to see right now.  If that is all I have I'm still thankful.  He keeps giving me joyous blessings through it all. 

I'm still counting blessings each day.  I probably will never stop.

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