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Getaway's are AWESOME but home is my favorite place

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Getaways are AWESOME but home is my favorite -

Sometimes you get to step out of your "normal" place in life.  Getaways are like that.

No urgent responsibilities, no running kids around, no regular routine.  It's lovely.

I’m so grateful to be able to travel with Steve when he goes for his continuing education.  We’ve made it a priority for 13 years now. 

  • I get to sleep in
  • We goof off when he's not in class
  • Sightseeing
  • Sunbathing
  • Long walks
  • Talking
  • Watching movies
  • Relaxing

Why is it so hard to do that at home? 


For me there are always too many things calling for my attention.  The eternal to-do lists, projects, chores, routines.  On getaway's there is none of that.  This trip I've been working on this blog & catching up on my reading..  Organization & updating graphics--it's been so fun.  Check out the menus above.  Things are easier to find.  I usually work on scrap booking but I just couldn't get started on that this year. 

Places that we’ve been when we getaway

San Antonio, Hilton Head, Sedona, Hilton Head, Outer Banks, Hilton Head, Outer Banks . . . . .

As you can see we tend to go to the beach.  My husband knows what I love.  

This year we are in Boston and it has been well. . . different. 

For many reasons.

—Meals were not what we expected.  We got a kitchenette and planned to mostly eat-in but there are limited grocery options in Boston when you don’t rent a car.  We’ve done more eating out (which we don’t like to do) and we done fine.  The highlight for both of us was lunch at Cheers!!  Plentiful food for a reasonable price.

—City life.  We are not big city people.  So much traffic and BIG buildings here and not so much wide open spaces.  I miss my little piece of land can you tell?  Cities are beautiful in a different kind of way. 

—Historic places.  There is a lot to see but our focus was on Steve’s conference so we didn’t get to see a lot.  We took a trolley tour which with my bum hip was a wonderful way to see the city.  We got off and on and visited a few places we wanted to see.

Boston highlights

Paul Revere’s home, Old North Church, USS Constitution(Old Ironsides), Cheers, & Boston Common(setting for one of our favorite children's book Make Way for Ducklings)

It's time to go home

I need to hug my "little" ones.  My garden is calling.  The next stage of summer is here.  Time to plant fall seedlings.  It is finally hot enough to swim every day.  School is just around the corner and we have LOTS of things to do between now and then!

So as our trip is ending, I’m glad to go home and get back to our "real" life and be in my place. 

Getaway's are great for a few days but home is my favorite place!

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