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10 obstacles to avoid when leaving on relaxing getaway!

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It’s that time of year again.  Steve and I get to run away for a week.  He has continuing education classes and I get to tag along.  

10 Obstacles to avoid

Usually we hit the beach(my favorite) but this year we are changing it up.  BOSTON!

10 obstacles to avoid
10 obstacles to avoid

 I’m stressing because I have so many things to do.  

Here is my advice on what NOT to do before you leave town.

10.  Don’t plant LARGE garden that needs attention.

Things are greening up.  There are some baby tomatoes out there growing and we have a few little peppers too.  I’m shocked really after having water all around the plants most of the spring I doubted we would get much of anything.  My second round of beans are up too!  The first round drowned and never sprouted.

10 obstacles to avoid
10 obstacles to avoid
10 Obstacles to avoid

9.  Don’t have your Air Conditioner overflow pan start leaking water and creating a wet spot on your ceiling

Grrrrr!  Seriously right before we leave we are having AC repair people out to determine what is going on.  NOT a good thing for my sanity.

10 Obstacles to avoid

8.  Don’t have your dog loose on the 4th of July.

Riley(black dog) ran away when the big boom fireworks started going off.  Thankfully after we spent a late night driving around looking for her, she came back.  We changed the battery in her collar and made sure she wouldn’t get out of our electric fence again.


7.  Don’t put your son in swim team for the 5 weeks leading up to the trip.

It has been a GREAT thing for Joshua to swim and be involved in swim team.  He’s stronger and knows he can swim a long long way now.  However 5 weeks of going to town every day has got me frazzled.  I’m ready for some whole days at home.

10 obstacles to avoid
10 obstacles to avoid

6.  Don’t let your husband get sick the week before the trip.

Enough said.  He’s been miserable and I’m afraid that I will catch it.  Taking lots of vitamin C!

5.  Don’t finish your school year AND try to get it all graded AND work on a transcript right before you leave.

This was a BIG goal for me.  We started REALLY late(like October) so our school year ran long.  We all want a break before the next year starts up. I will have a senior & an 8th grader.  So scary.  And fun!

4.  Don’t have several projects on your mind.

10 obstacles to avoid

Making pallet signs with my silhouette is on my mind. I made one with help from a friend.  LOVE how it turned out and I want to make some more!  The work room shelves need to be organized and that means going to the basement which is a mess right now.  I’m figuring out how to tackle that without feeling overwhelmed.

3.  Don’t leave the day after your normal busy errand day in town.  

It makes doing laundry, creating a list or two and getting packed much more challenging.  

2.  Don’t wait until you are ready to leave to think about what sights you want to visit.

This trip seriously snuck up on us.  The fourth of July was our big focus as we were having family over.  We are focusing on hospitality and reconnecting with friends & family right now.  So the idea of sight seeing was just not on our radar.  However I’m good with “winging it” as my husband likes to say. 

1.  Don’t get bent out of shape when what you think should happen doesn’t.

When Steve was home from work sick it just threw things TOTALLY out of wack for me.  I had a mental list a mile long and the ONLY(sarcasm) way it was going to be accomplished was if he was at work. 

Well funny thing—its all getting done.  I just needed an attitude adjustment. 

Many of these things I had NO control over.  But I did have control over #1.  I'm choosing to be thankful despite my first reaction of irritation & frustration. 

I’m thankful that he was able to rest and work on little projects that relieved his mind before we leave. 

That's how I choose joy.

10 obstacles to avoid

Worth the Trouble!!

Despite all these challenges it is going to be great to just hang out with my hubby.  It is SO important to getaway from all the responsibilities and activities once in a while. 

We use the time to recharge, talk about goals and plan for the next year.

I can’t wait until we go!


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