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Summer Fun in the Pool

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One of our goals for the summer is to have more of our friends over to play and visit.  

summer fun at the pool
Summer fun in the pool

We’ve missed doing that for the last couple of years and we are trying to get back in the swing of things. When you get out of the habit it takes some deliberate effort to start inviting people over.

summer fun in the pool
summer fun in the pool

We have the perfect invitation now—Do you want to come over to swim?

So far we’ve had 2 sets of cousins over and some friends.

summer fun in the pool

I never thought we’d own a pool but when we bought this house I knew it would be a huge blessing.

  There was a definite learning curve on how to keep it clean and sparkling but I think this year we’ve got it figured out.  We’ve just added the care and maintenance to our weekly routine.

It is the perfect reward after a hot day mowing or working in the garden.  It is not strange to us at all to get in around 8 o’clock to cool off right before bedtime.

summer fun in the pool

I love that the kids enjoy playing together and that Steve gets in to play as well. This year we invested in a basketball hoop and we are on the hunt for a volleyball net. 

summer fun in the pool
summer fun in the pool

Pool = summer time

I love summer.  Me?  I float around and chat with everyone too.  I love to be in the water. 

My favorite floating chair tore this year after 2 years of faithful use.  Replacing it was more than I wanted to pay.  Soon I will post a fun DIY for a pool hammock.  Sound fun?

Have you been spending much time in the water? 

What is your favorite summer time activity with your family?

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