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Quick growing cucumbers win the sprint in the Square Foot Garden!

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Square Foot Garden July Update

My garden has been calling to me from across the country while we were in Boston.  Now that I'm home to my favorite place, I'm ready to see how the plants have been growing!  My wonderful daughter kept an eye on things for me and the garden looks pretty good!

Tomatoes on the left.  Cucumbers on the right.  Cucumbers have won the race to the top!

Square Foot Garden July Update -

What is growing!?!

Right now we have cherry tomatoes and cukes going crazy!  I love how the cucumbers are green all over because they never touch the ground!  Kids are eating them like candy at meals.  So crisp and refreshing.

The carrots, turnips, beans & beets are coming along nicely.   There are a few peppers but I'm not holding a lot of hope that they will get large.  Our plants were so stunted from the rain.  This plant in the Square Foot Garden is the tallest one we have.

We tried to do acorn squash last year and got some tiny ones. I LOVE acorn squash!

I hope this year they get a little bigger!  The blossoms are so cheery and happy!

Cucumbers are winning!  July SFG update

Lettuce has done well.  It is shaded nicely from the afternoon sun by the tomatoes & cucumbers.  Love that set up!  My peas are also growing  mixed in with the tomatoes.  There are a few pea pods that I plan to throw in a salad soon!

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Cucumbers are winning!  SFG update

Treatment for Early blight

Last year I lost all my tomato plants to blight.  It was heart breaking.  This year I didn't plant any regular tomatoes in the same spot.  It is in the soil so there is no avoiding blight if you need to plant in the same space year after year. 

This year we've had a bit of blight on the cherry tomatoes but I tried this penny cure AND this baking soda treatment.  Elizabeth sprayed the plants for me a couple of times while we were gone and the leaves have stopped turning brown and spotty.  I removed all the "bad" leaves at the bottom and I'm very pleased with the results.

Failed cauliflower & cabbage

The square foot garden has had some battles this year.  I got my cauliflower and cabbage in on time but the cabbage moth got in there too so we didn’t get any harvest.  

But I plan to try  again this fall!  It is the first time I am going to grow a fall garden & I’m super excited!

How can it be the middle of July already!?!?!?!  Are you thinking of fall yet?