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January, I’m dreaming of spring . . .

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Difficult is the word I would use to describe January.  Holidays are done.  Time to buckle down and get some school done.  Not to mention how bitterly cold it has been.  Several crisis events have happened.  High stress.  Hard decisions.  Its all there & it is no where near ending.  But I’ve seen God’s hand through it all.

I’m trying to be home more.  For me that is a battle.  So many responsibilities and so little time available.

Today I went to look at January pictures and was discouraged that there was only one on my camera.  Then I looked at my Photostream from my phone.  I am so thankful for my phone for many reasons but one of the biggest is that I can take photos even when I don’t have my camera.


Early in January Mom spent a few days with us. We had fun shopping for hats as her latest chemotherapy has caused her to loose her hair.  It is hard to believe that she is still fighting through pancreatic cancer.  She was diagnosed over 2 years ago.  So many difficult days but there is joy in the journey.  Even when the journey is all up hill.


Elizabeth’s Bible quizzing team, Squad, posed to get a group picture.  We’ve been trying for several months.  Not sure this is quite what I was after. LOL!  They are great kids and I’m thankful that we have gotten to coach them.


Ok in general I hate having my picture taken but I kinda like this one. Many of my clothes are too big these days.  I’m good with that as I’ve lost almost 20 pounds since April.  I’m slowly adding pieces as I retire the baggy ones.  Reasons I’m thankful.  #1 it’s a new outfit—all on clearance.  #2 my 17 YO daughter said I was wearing non-mom jeans(HA!) #3 I love this outfit.  Dressy but not.    Very comfortable & did I mention it was all on clearance? 

So after my difficult January it is good to look back and enjoy the gifts God gave  me in the midst of the storm as he always does.

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